Pass the Yummy Plastic Please

Last year, Amazon shipped out 7 billion packages wrapped in plastic, not recyclable and accompanied with the soft drink industry pumping out over 34 billion plastic bottles sold to thirsty buyers wanting convenience and the empty containers finding their way into our Oceans. Contained in the human created material are: UV stabilizers, fire retardants, color dyes, stiffener Bisphenol A (BPA), and softener Phthalates. Sun, wind, and churning water breaks the large containers and packaging into smaller and smaller pieces of nanoparticle size plastic, eaten by sea creatures many of which we eat. Every year an average of 10 million tons of plastics, increasing each year, find their way into the Oceans and inland waterways. People are more educated on the nutritional and health value of Sea salt(Himalayan, Rock, Hawaiian, etc.) but not knowing that 80% of the Brands on the market contain micro plastics. Over 114 sea creatures are now known to have nanoparticle sized plastics in them like: Oysters, Shrimp, Clams, Crabs, Lobsters, many varieties of fish, and the swimming mammals. Eatables from our salt and fresh water are nutritious but thanks to human intervention and misuse have been polluted with petroleum oil spill residues, Poly Chlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s), human accumulated mercury, antibiotics, herbicides and insecticides, and now plastics. It is estimated that in the next 10 years that the tonnage of plastics will triple and eaten by the sea food that we eat.  

Research has not yet determined how the ingestion of nanoparticle size plastics affect us or the sea creatures that eat them. It is reasonable to speculate that this human made synthetic toxic material with numerous other toxins in it inside of us might stimulate the immune inflammatory system. Seemingly invisible because of its nanoparticle size, the tiny plastic bits in us may disrupt our gut lining causing intestinal permeability or leaky gut allowing undigested macromolecules to escape into circulation. The chronic challenge is that these micro plastics cannot be digested, continually irritating the single layer Enterocyte intestinal lining, and allowing food particles that should be contained in the gut tube to escape into general circulation.  

The miracle magic of our Divinely created bodies have interconnecting systems sensing the outside and inside milieu and in continual symbiosis for optimal functioning. Consider too that plastic is not digestible natural food, not food at all, disrupt the fluids of fractal reduction, inflame the mucous membranes that protect the inner gut lining, and disrupt the mandated bodily processing of harmonious balancing. Remember that being in the chronic out of balance state creates symptoms of illness prompting your Western medicine doctor to bust out his favorite pen to write a poisonous prescription for you. Sad yet comedically ironic that a trained health Professional treats a chemical poisoning with a poisonous chemical. Solution? Don’t expect Amazon or Coca Cola(Warren Buffett and Bill Gates the biggest investors) to fund any research studies of how plastic negatively impacts the human an animal bodies. That said, researchers can look into biodegradable plastic replacements, while entrepreneurs can find innovative ways to collect more plastics before they reach , collect, and partially degrade in our Oceans, rivers, streams, and lakes.  

A few scientists have speculated that the microplastics can impair the digestion of a sea creature preventing it from getting nutrients as well as providing a physical obstruction to the nutrient extraction and elimination processes. If this observation has already been documented in animals, could this also be true in humans?  

Optimizing Healthcare must be the foundational mission in modern medicine and not the perverse simplicity of pill for an ill symptom treatment. A thorough history of the client must be conducted for all symptoms of illness are signals of inflammatory imbalance of which there are root causes. So instead of treating symptoms which do not cure, dig deeper and find the root causes that lead to cure.  

Like more and more are finally realizing that this Coronavirus planned panic is a shameful deception intent on increasing economic enslavement, many are understanding that any food from our fresh and salt waters have toxic plastics in it. Because we live in economic capitalism our purchasing power will grab the attention of those product and service producing giants. They want to maintain and grow their market share and would be open to making changes in their plastic use because more people worldwide are now more interested in reversing pollution since they know that it is making them sick. Pathetic irony again, the top down COVID deception has caused billions globally to reevaluate their Ego driven attitudes and subconscious restrictive self serving beliefs. For over a hundred years the Rockefeller driven pharmaceutical cartel, now 1.2 trillion dollars worth, was the basis of Western medicine and a compounding continual profitable venture. Each year, thousands graduate from medical school becoming licensed drug sellers not unlike Pablo Escobar and El Chapo. The result is that hundreds of thousands die from doctor prescribed meds and the varieties of drugs sold over the counter. Can you accurately figure out the actual causes of your malaise? Since your medical doctor doesn’t care to know and not trained to look for the offending root causes, it is up to you to scrutinize what you eat, what your negative emotional levels are at, how you handle stress, how much restful sleep you get, and what your toxin exposure is at.  

Can you see now that this fake pandemonium is actually a signal to unleash your courage and to stand up against injustice and evil intentions? You already know that store bought and drive up window Frankenfoods are slathered with cancer causing Roundup, saturated with sugar, antibiotics, dyes, and preservatives, and that your supposedly healthy seafood has small bits of plastic in it, and yet you still buy and eat it. You have gotten used to cognitive dissonance or accepting lies as truth, expecting ill health as normal, and that your doctor and government will save you. It is time to wake up from your bad dream, convince yourself that the shit smell is coming from shit and not roses, and that you have the power to change your life and collectively with your brethren, gain back your freedom.  

Know that the Cabal or controlling corporate elite 1% is deathly afraid of us because they understand that their iron grip suffocating chokehold on us is the fear strategy they have been using for centuries. What to do? Spend your money on Organic foods and support your local farmers, exercise daily and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air, grow your own vegetables and buy less from stores, drink filtered purified water, reject fast food that overtime makes you sick, eat less animal flesh, expand your imagination and create new money making ideas, reduce your daily toxin load, limit your device use and turn off the EMF as long as possible, get into and become unconditional love for this is impenetrable and open door to growth and a unifying prosperity.

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