The Cure for COVID-19 is the Newly Discovered Rogersvirus – The World is Saved!

The cure for CV19 is the newly discovered Rogersvirus, and you may rejoice because the world is now saved!

After months in the lab testing and cross analyzing microbial species, scientists (identified by their white coats with “Dim sum”, a Chinese cuisine, stains from lunch) have discovered an ancient virus that has been observed to neutralize the SARS-COV-2 which caused the COVID panic.

Under the Electron Microscope, genetic sequences, numerous and some that repeat have been shown to dismantle or break apart when mixed with what has been named the Rogersvirus. Not tested for in the past because of the trillions of viruses inside of us with all performing symbiotic duties with Bacteria, Fungi, and parasites, this specific virus acted brilliantly by helping the CV19 to quietly disassemble. Because the CV19 has never been isolated or picked out of a lineup it is still a guess of what it looks like and what it actually does. 

Alas, in 2019 non-scientists and a single rabble rouser organized the, Germ Games, which in the realm of fantasy causes world devastation, masses of people getting sick and dying, and everyone going broke. This is similar to combining, Monopoly, Battleship, Yahtzee, and Ms. Pacman. Top scientist and the guy with the most and largest Dim sum stains, Antoady Flim Fraudski declared that, taking credit from what other scientists discovered) was that this novel virus was the cure for CV19.

Under Electron microscopy this virus, seemingly comfortably sequenced in what looks like a warm housecoat encouraged the vicious CV19 to relax, become friendly to other viruses, and innovate to assist other microbes in improving the health of the organism. Dr. Fraudski becoming a longtime CDC scientist grew up with legendary youth advocate and teacher, Fred Rogers, as his hero. Alas, Antoady Flim Fraudski retreated back to his childhood fantasy, which is notoriety, public admiration, and Ego growth. This is why he named this elegant and empathic looking virus(if a virus can look compassionate), the Rogersvirus because of his Idol, Fred Rogers. Flim, had a decision to make, tell the truth and end the fake worldwide panic, or to continue peddling the lies which destroyed the global economy. Well, he chose people over greed and Ego self interest, and decided to do what he thought Fred Rogers would do. This decision overwhelmed him and now he requires those who work for him to continually sing: What a lovely day in the neighborhood, would you be mine? 

Truth, caring and giving replaced his lifelong self obsession and allowed our humanity to once again thrive, grow, and rejoice. Did you just read a funny and nonsensical kid’s story? For the past 6 months, have you ever questioned what is true, made up, who runs things, and that you are free to do whatever you want to do? The Coronavirus group consists of about 150 related species with many already in our humankind for decades. Why then was it only in late 2019 that the name and theoretical Germ Game exercise ended up becoming something we had to experience, and still do?

I use Fred Rogers as the quintessential shining light to melt away any misinformation about this tiny microbe called CV19, that it is not deadly but rather required for our optimal functioning, that the illnesses and deaths reported are intentionally fraudulent, and the intention of this worldwide ruse is for the 1% Empire to solidify absolute control over us by destroying the economy, our spirit, our hopes, and forcing us to be dependent on government to save us. This is Stockholm Syndrome where the victimized oppressed identify and support the oppressor. Guess who plays the victimized oppressed role and who is the oppressor? Who do you think will win and what is won? You already know who is winning as you cower indoors as you have been ordered to do, distance yourself 72 inches apart as you were ordered to do, wear a mask which actually causes illness as you were ordered to do, and to not congregate in large groups as you were ordered to do. So who is free and who Plays Oz in the hidden room and booming orders to all subjects In the land? 

Coronavirus is a microbe needed for human functioning and continued resilience of our powerful immune system, as is Helicobacter Pylori needed for stomach functioning, Clostridium Difficile for Colon health, and Arkemesia Mucinophilia for gut lining health. Our bodies are complex and intricately pieced together where structures and invisible energies, outside of us and inside, communicate, exchange information, and to proceed on stronger than our ancestors did.

Imbalance of microbial colonies stimulate an innate rebalancing and why a robust immune system will correct any perceived threat or pathogen seeking a place to live. Dr. Antoady Flim Fraudski, you have probably already guessed who this is, along with Cabal soldier Bully Bill III are intent on shoving down your throats their heinous intentions, your enslavement, surveillance and data collection, your sterilization, and your sooner than later murder.

This comedic offering isn’t far from actual and factual truth. Viruses could very well be Exosomes or micro RNA packets which are information bundles designed to convey necessary information to other specific cites in your flesh vessel or miracle body. Technology has brought convenience, the invisible becoming visible, and toxic waste products from the advancement. Where do these toxins go? That God crafted miracle called the human body, meant for a certain lifespan, meant to adapt and grow stronger, now has life threatening chemical toxoids stored in fat cells, connective tissues, muscles, vessels and your brain, super nutrition strategies, detoxifying practices, lots of physical movement, meditative segments in the day, intentionally placing yourself into Parasympathetic state of rest, relax, and renew, will allow your being to becoming increasingly resilient and powerful.

CV19 is meant for us and our continued longevity and not something to be feared. We must respect its place but knowing that continual challenge to our immune systems is what is needed and necessary for our human herd to survive and thrive. Fear is inborn and automatically stimulating responses of anxiety, apprehension, staying to fight, deciding to flee, or choosing to freeze. The fear hormones are inflammatory, depresses Insulin so your blood is now more saturated with sugar, and if these inflammatory chemicals are chronically present, will cause degeneration of body and brain. Add in the additional stressors of stored toxins and your miracle vessel becomes fatigued, constantly seeking to get back to symbiosis, and if the internal imbalance continues, symptoms of illness will manifest. The point is that Bullies and bullying, misinformation and lies, and combined with generational passivity conditioning turns you into a docile, peaceful, and dumbed down slave primed for extermination. If you don’t agree or vehemently protest that you are free and controlling your life, then why are you locked down, wearing a mask, staying away from others by an inaccurately measured 72 inches, and nearly broke because you choose to be locked indoors and your brethren told not to congregate? 

In this fictional Tale, Dr. Antoady Flim Fraudski repents and chooses good, doing the right thing, and dedicating the remainder of his life to follow in the compassionate footsteps of his mentor , Idol, and hero, Fred Rogers. So look carefully for the Rogersvirus for this can be confused or misidentified as Corona. Take this moment to look in the mirror and say aloud what you see. Peaceful slave or vibrant, wealthy and healthy free being? Each day worsens, money lost, freedom lost, and a decision to be made. Do you commit to fighting for freedom or peaceful slavery? What would Mr. Rogers do and who amongst you will walk his path selflessly igniting the unconditional love locked down inside of you?