Skinny and Squishy on the Outside and Still Obese?

Mainstream media, your doctor sometimes, and circulated parameters of health all repeat the outside appearance of excess subcutaneous body fat, especially if hanging off your abdominals. Associated and now muffled in the constant Obesity/Diabetic rhetoric is the pear shaped body, blubber cliff hanging off the gut, chubby face, large ass, and still choosing to wearing tight fitting clothes. Yes, especially in the West, the US for example, 70% are overweight and considered obese with an increasing number morbidly so. No blood test is needed to speculate that these folks are Diabetic or pre-diabetic. What this means is that blood sugar concentration is high, the Pancreas working furiously to pump out Insulin to push the sugar into muscles, the Liver, and if the load is excessive, turning it into fat and storing it in adipose cells. Over time these cells become Insulin insensitive causing the sugar uptake and storage to slow down, uptake system sluggish in responding, and allowing the excess sugar to get into the brain and other organs, causing what is called, Advanced Glycation End Products(sticky blood cells that clog and clump, and one of the causes of peripheral neuropathy (pain and numbness in the extremities). As visual discerning beings we focus on outside appearance and automatically judge the person as fat, skinny, or buffed. 

This article is telling you that being skinny and squishy, and fitting into your skinny jeans, doesn’t guarantee that you are healthy. In fact, you might even be obese, having little muscle, and with the organs in your mid part of your body surrounded with blubber, called visceral fat. Fat or adipose especially when concentrated in the mid section and especially if visceral around the mid section organs, opens you to cardiovascular distress which means heart attack, Stroke, organ dysfunction, digestion inadequacy, brain fog and what is called Type III Diabetes. So skinny and squishy doesn’t equate to healthy especially if your muscular mass is small. Our magical bodies operate in harmony with the many systems programmed to allow smooth interactions, recognizing imbalances then balancing them, and intertwining bacterial and viral information turning on or turning off our genes for optimal function. 

Our ancestors used both sugar and fat for fuel, ate what was in season, got lots of sunshine which energized the immune system as well as cognitive clarity, and moved in all angles and directions which strengthened and enlarged the attached muscles. As technology advanced, the agricultural method displacing hunting and gathering, machine conveniences caused the human animal to become sedentary, replacing being active for inactivity, living in constant subclinical Cortisol stress, with muscle size, strength, and tone decreasing and fat cell size increasing. Conveniences took over the restaurant and food services industry with plastic packaged chemical drenched Frankenfoods on store shelves, drive up windows and in a few minutes sacks of poisonous fake food, and what was previously known as natural foods becoming scientifically engineered GMO tasty replacements with lots of sugar, iodized undigestible salt, artificial dyes and flavors, antibiotic rich, packed into attractive brightly colored boxes. High stress is the herd norm as American Dream, Puritan hard work Capitalism engulfs the day for most. Fitting in more things to do or running on tight time windows, ramps up the corrosive Cortisol stress without the physical activity remedy. We were built for experiencing types of stress with the neutralizing solution, physical activity and quick return to the parasympathetic rest, repair, and renew state. Alas, achievement or money making at any cost has taken over the Western meme with quick and cheap junk food, booze and drugs, prescription and others included, temporarily satisfying the cognitive distress. Unfortunately the lifestyle dissonance is mirrored in our corporeal appearances accompanied with the steep rise in the debilitating illnesses like heart attack and Stroke, dementia and cognitive decline, Diabetes, Arthritis, MS , ALS, and Parkinson’s, skin conditions, and all showing up sooner. However, we are all poisoned with toxins, prisoners of accelerated Capitalism, and accepting enslavement to the almost invisible criminal 1% Empire. 

This article alerts you to the invisible fact that being skinny and squishy means that you are equally unhealthy as the visibly rotund and pear shaped. Muscle is metabolic and converts ATP energy into movement, which facilitates blood circulation, Oxygen exchange respiration, digestion and elimination, efficient brain metabolism and cognition. When the body, voluntary and involuntary muscles attached to bones, in the organs, glands, and vessels, contract and relax, balanced symbiotic health is realized. Skeletal Muscles as it sounds are attached to bones and when used or flexed, places eustress or good stress onto the bones, making them stronger and resilient. As we age, muscle size goes down and combined with inactivity, poor nutrition, and in a continual state of elevated Cortisol stress, making us more vulnerable to the inflammatory autoimmune dis-eases and a faster path to physical constraints. Both males and females have muscle building Testosterone with the guys a bit more. This means that if a female exercises rigorously with the weights in progressive resistance that they will get toned, grow muscle size moderately or minimally, and will not end up looking like a guy. Of course, levels of this hormone vary but usually females should have little worry in becoming massive with muscle. The downside to unexercised small muscles is a stagnant metabolism, decreased circulation, stagnant metabolic waste elimination, weakened bones more prone to fracture, decreased mobility and ability to bend, stretch, twist, contort, and recover from injury. When muscle through movement and resistance places pressure on bone, Osteocytes(bone growth cells) are stimulated to grow strengthening the existing structure. Just because you can still fit into your skinny jeans doesn’t mean that you are healthy. 

Some use the BMI (body mass index) to determine degrees of health. In general if the mathematic measurement is nearing 30 or beyond, this metric indicates that you are overweight and correspondingly less and less healthy. Like any system, this index doesn’t account for those with large muscles making them heavier for this variable is heavily weighted(pun intended) on weight and height. Unless you are in construction, digging ditches, moving pallets of freight in a warehouse, unloading train shipments, building or rebuilding a house, or clearing a jungle, your muscles including your heart are not experiencing eustress. modernity , the Internet, the fancy devices, have corralled us into sit down office work and not benefitting from good curative physical movement. For the guys, a metric of health is having your chest measurement 12 inches larger than your waist. This does not mean much unless you are active bending, pushing, pulling, and engaging all your muscles. Though the appearance of a large belly, butt, and hips might indicate inactivity and consuming large quantities of nutritionally bankrupt fake foods saturated with sugar, additives and preservatives, GMO’s, and myriad of other toxins, the thin, skinny, squishy, and muscle devoid person should be aware that they too are equally existing outside of optimal health. 

The solution? Reassess your 24 hour day, quality of sleep, amounts of Organic biocide free plant food consumed, stress and anxiety experienced and if meditation or movement neutralized, specific time set aside to exercise, and if you are living your Soul purpose. When you take the time to actually know what you do in a day, adjustments can be made to optimize your level of health and longevity. Lots of misinformation on nutrition out there, types of diets, and what is needed for the best health in our current fast paced, tech advanced, food poisoned, toxic present. Take this in and keep open to new information and that what you believe might be wrong. 

We need protein for muscle repair and growth and can get all the necessary Amino Acids building blocks from plant sources. You heard that right for if you desire, you don’t have to eat animal flesh for getting your protein requirement. As I have indicated, protein intake is variable to the unique constitution of the person. In general, about 10-15% of your diet should be protein. Needed is cycling every 2 to 3 months of what you eat being open to animal sources of protein and sometimes replacing it with plant sources. Saturated fat is controversial but animal and plant sources can be alternated leaning more toward saturated plants like coconut oil. Your brain is 63% saturated fat and our bodies already making saturated fat, Steric and Palmitic acid. So don’t let this anti Cholesterol misguided recommendation sway you to low fat or fat free. Sadly, the nutritional recommendation to high carbohydrate (50% and more) primarily sugars, breads, cereals, crackers, rice, potatoes, and anything Wheat have caused the steep rise in obesity, heart attack and stroke, Diabetes, and many of the inflammatory illnesses. What must be emphasized is eating more in season vegetables and fruits, raw or lightly steamed. All plants contain proteins called Lectins, which were evolved to protect them from being eaten by insects. About 450 million years ago, plants showed up and thrived with no predators around. Sixty million years later, insects evolved with plants as their food supply. To protect themselves from predation, plants created the protein, Lectin, which caused insects who ate them to suffer intestinal rupture and death. Over time continual adaptation and evolution advanced the different kingdoms so insects can eat plants and synergistically one influencing the other to sprout or bloom. Does this survival mechanism of plants do the same to humans? Yes and no for our ancestors have been eating plants for millions of years with many who cannot eat raw plants. As you have noticed there are some, possibly in your own family, who cannot eat some or most vegetables unless cooked, and with many food allergies. This of course is multi factored including genetic mutations which have been donated to us by those coming before. Recent studies have indicated that plant protein is equal and often superior to animal protein and that saturated fat benefits us and that leaning toward saturated fat plant sources is the better health option. 

In the time prior to automation, stress, fear, worry, and anxiety were quickly dissipated with physical movement like the Sympathetic responses, staying to fight or fleeing. Modernity has forced us to endure through constant subclinical levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol, and not using the built in remedy, the physical movement of staying for the fight or running away which would quickly metabolize the fear substance. Ironically, because of our herd expectations focused on money making, maintaining social class distinctions, obtaining objects for recognition, and humankind desire for Ego gratification, we knowingly and intentionally engage in the unrequited stressful behavior of working harder and longer for getting more, which in the end is never enough. So fat and obese and skinny and obese, have numerous causes and being out of balance, nutritionally, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, in relationships including to yourself, and treadmilling the lack of finances, making your downhill spiral guaranteed. Use this Coronavirus fake panic as a springboard, an open door disguised as the worst, and redesign your life into the one that you would most love to live. You have the choice to live free and choose to spiral upward or take the easy route, spiraling down the drain.