Why is there a Coronavirus?

Did God create Coronavirus to kill you or to make you smarter and stronger?

If you don’t believe in God, the Divine, Allah, Krishna, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Wisdom, the Source of All Things, or the energy who created all that you know and who you are, listen anyway. Disbelieving in a power greater than yourself with wisdom and knowledge of all there is, some hold onto like a toxic Lead anchor unable to explain otherwise.

You just didn’t show up one day in your human animal suit capable of learning, interacting, and making social relationships, your family included. More later but in the meanwhile, keep open and ponder the validity and authenticity of the content in this article.

Historically after the Big Bang, gases congealing and evolution proceeding nonlinear, single cells began doubling, tripling, and turning into multi-celled molecules. The stage for continual growth was in motion with unlimited and infinite wisdom unfolding.

Not many scholars disagree with this assertion but none can explain why this know it all energy decided to do it in the first place.

The earliest known forms you might be familiar with were: Fungus or mushrooms dated about 1.3 Billion years ago, reported by Fungus Docent, Paul Stamets.

Plants showed up 450 million years ago, Insects 60 million years later, and our theoretical ancestors, 100 million years ago. It was only about 1.3 million years ago that fossils indicated the general time when the human animal could walk upright.

Researchers named this specimen, Lucy, after the Elton John song blaring in the background as the team sifted through an excavation site. During this discovery phase, and still continuing on, findings were given names like: Hominin, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapiens, Anthropithicus, Neanderthal, Cro Magnon, and Lucy.

Scientists speculate that we are descended from Apes and Monkeys, but are we really?

Where did all the hair go?

How does one know or is it possible that we are descendants of Extraterrestrial Aliens?

If you are shaking your head side to side, then explain the nonlinear speed of development in the fossils discovered at various sites worldwide?

The anthropologic discovery named, Gobecli Tepe in Turkey predated the traditionally accepted historical era of pottery making, and with skillfully constructed circular and cylindrical shaped monuments, indicated advanced spiritual and intellectual convictions of the ones who built them.

This widely cast net of evolutionary Anthropology speaks to events, continual growth, injected influence from outside the Ionosphere, and microbial development and influence.

Microscopy has uncovered the previously invisible world of atoms, molecules, bacteria, viruses, Yeasts, molds, and parasites, and the structures of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Each animal was gifted with an immune system or a microbial protection army able to identify and memorize unwanted invaders and capable of destruction of these trespassers.

Our ancestors were assaulted with unknown and unlimited numbers of invading pathogens only stimulating the Immune system to act with initial immunity, recognizing the enormity of the threat, and mobilizing a powerful antibody army to seek and destroy them.

Those in the living sciences like Biology, Anthropology, Physiology, and Biochemistry, observed the genius of the implanted immune system especially in the highest of living forms, the humanoid.

From Darwin to Lamarck, evolution can be explained differently and the common thread is consciousness, various levels, and all forms of life doing what they were programmed to do.

Viruses, as you have learned require a host to multiply in and though they do not have a cell covering or cell organelles, they are surrounded by a lipid membrane which serves to protect the organism but porous to allow agents in to destroy it.

The Coronavirus, given this name because microscopically looking like a crown with thorns sticking out from it, is yet another pathogen necessary for continual resiliency of our Immune system, ensuring our longevity.

Since humans were on Earth, Alien interjection acknowledged, viruses and bacteria are known to be hallmark of this most complex Mammalian Kingdom of species. We now know that cross Kingdom interaction is necessary for living.

Did you know that you are more nonhuman than human?

The microbiome is over 75 trillion cells and nonhuman DNA with viruses outnumbering bacteria. These trillions of microbes produce about 3 pounds of poop which makes drinking lots of water a good idea. Bacteria in step with the plant metabolism system create energy through a separate digestive avenue called the Shikimate pathway, a series of 7 enzymatic steps which allows them to live and thrive.

Viruses, you have learned work symbiotically with bacteria to up or down regulate your genes for best health and longevity. Knowing that life is a continuum with death the guaranteed outcome, prior to termination is the health and strength of the organism, and what the creature decides to do with the life gift realizing that it is destined to die.

COVID-19 is a name of a new pathogen and expected in this cosmic system of strengthening immunity, perpetuating continual growth, allowing for adaptation and anticipation of what is next.

The unlimited and infinite energy that has shown to know everything and anything has etched a Universal system inside us that can use adversity and transmute it into resiliency. Evolutionary Anthropology has made us aware of many historical microbial attacks on populations only to conclude that such attacks are necessary to making the human animal stronger for continuation of the species.

Yes, those weakened by immune insufficiency have gotten sick with some dying. The Coronavirus by itself has not killed anyone, as falsely reported by confused Journalists. To date, those who have died already had weakened immune systems and challenged with other pathogens, extra stress, inactivity, environmental pollutants, and suffocating with poisonous prescriptions speeding their demise.

Belief in a God or not, the humanoid has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, thriving beyond the worst adversities, and powerful enough to overcome poisonous Western Medicine pharmaceuticals, deadly chemical cocktails called vaccines, and fighting through the toxicant poisoning of Roundup, plastics, misuse and overuse of antibiotics, and the elevated killer stresses of achievement at any and all cost.

I conclude that Coronavirus, new or engineered, is a God gift that strengthens us, increasing the memory and potency of our immune protection system.

Instead of hiding at home, foolishly shutting down your business, estimating an imaginary 6 foot distance from other humans, hypocritically swiping rolls of toilet paper, and accosting anyone looking Asian, fortify your Immune system with lots of vegetables and fruits, a multi mineral and vitamin, reduce Dairy, processed fake foods, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, everything with color dyes and flavorings, and get outside in the sunshine or rain, and start walking and enjoying being alive.