My Corona: Fear, Fluff, Fact, and Blessing

Recently, for those who haven’t noticed, worldwide fear and panic have captured the headlines.

It is not a sighting of Elvis eating vegetables and exercising, or the media actually reporting truth. Instead, a tiny microbe has gone viral, captured our imagination as well as the human population in a “fear prison”, literal and actual.

Some say this is a pandemic, and not a good thing. Well, a pandemic or pandemonium is the Beatles invasion of the United States, forecasting terror in the future with the song, I wanna hold your hand; or, Buster Douglas getting close enough and knocking out the Baddest Man in the world, Iron Mike Tyson,┬ánow called “I’m-not-so-bad Mike”, slight statured Mohandas Gandhi convincing 200 million of his East Indian brethren to use nonviolence to expel the British, the dominance of the Jordan led Bulls and Brady led Patriots, and Barak Obama and Nelson Mandela (both with awfully dark skin) becoming presidents of their respective countries.

However, an even more celebrated pandemic pandemonium was when Macho Madness and Hulkamania, aka Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan (if you aren’t into professional wrestling), joined forces only to have jealousy break them apart. 

This introduction brings us and those of us renting space on this Planet to this manufactured catastrophe called Coronavirus or COVID 19. 

Absolute unequivocal Coincidence has Bill Gates, Harvard dropout hosting a meeting called Event 201, in November 2019 at the Johns Hopkins institution on the theoretical occurrences and ongoing saga if a virus called Coronavirus was released.

Absolute coincidence also has someone reported to have come down with this Coronavirus in December, 2019.

Since Coronavirus has gone viral (something I want to happen with my book sales), so to has a daily flooding of misinformation more commonly called lies and fear mongering, all ultimately leading to rapidly evolving Marshall law and modern day Dachau incineration.

Know that viruses are DNA and RNA strands, can only replicate inside a host organism, and curiously do not have a cell covering or internal cell parts. This is important because Biology tells us that for anything to be defined living that it must have a cell covering and have internal cell organelles or machinery.

The human genome and microbiome projects have told us that there is about 23,000 human genes and about 75 trillion microbes in our gut tube (mouth running to the excretory butt).

Within this twenty to twenty five foot long tube contains 80% of our Immune system, 80% of our neurotransmitters thought to be only made in the brain, and a microbiota or commensal (living in harmonious symbiosis) communities of viruses, bacteria, Fungus, Yeasts, Molds, and Parasites.

Within this magnificently created tube occurs digestion and absorption of nutrients, excretion of waste, and our unique microbes special to each individual, communicating with each system and cell in the body as well as  to the outside world.

We now know that the microbes in the outside world enter our bodies to convey information letting their microbe brethren know what is occurring on the outside. These microbes as well as foods provide the exchange of information and increasing resiliency for any knew development in the outer world.

What I have described and all science confirmed is a miraculous evolution of Earth and human, comprised of the same atomic structures, energy, and same intelligence for team working healthful longevity of the organism.

Humans shed virus parts daily as do plants, animals, soil and rocks, bugs, and water. This shedding and exchange is how we have evolved and how we can create the necessary immune defenses for successful continuation of our species.

We have also  discovered, confirmed by studies accumulated in PubMed.Gov, that viruses work intimately with our gut bacteria, turning on and off genes that allow us to live in optimal health.

Without viruses, we would be dead.

What is critical to understand here is that a balance, symbiosis, homeostasis between these microbes provides us optimal health, mediocre health, poor health, and the ultimate imbalance of dying.

The Western model of medicine is founded on the Carnegie/Rockefeller philosophy of a pill for an ill for profit. This means treating symptoms, not knowing the cause of the symptoms, and adding on more drugs to take care of additional symptoms. These pills are synthetic, GMO, undigestible, and ironically  does not cure the malady. It does, however, make trillions of dollars of profit for the Pharmaceutical industrial complex.

Like good used car salesmen and saleswomen, our Western trained doctors are actually shills for the drug companies or just drug dealers operating legally.

Now there is an adjunctive profitable industry called over-the-counter drugs, and like Halloween candy, can be bought by anyone including youth and washed down with a 60 ounce Cherry Vanilla Cola.

Let me repeat that without viruses, we would die, and that maintaining a robust immune system, high nutrition, decrease stress (which can kill), and a balanced and symbiotic microbiome will serve you optimally for healthy longevity.

What the hyped rhetoric causing the fear and panic is doing is to weaken your immune systems, upset the balance in your gut microbiomes, and making you afraid of dying and getting sick.

You can observe or have already experienced the power of fear and panic by going to your local grocery store. Yikes! The frenzy of rushing and grabbing massive amounts of toilet paper, bottled water and the cancerous BPA and BPS in the plastic, boxes of tissues and wet wipes, canned goods, and supplements at the exclusion of others spotlight the inborn survival mechanism when calm logical thinking is supplanted with fear and panic.

Curious is the value thinking for the expensive bottles of Vitamin C are left behind.

Modernity and rapidly advancing technology has brought more conveniences but also additional and health challenging electromagnetic radiation adding to the unnatural and unnaturally high continual dosing of radiation.

The previous pandemics all included increased use of human created electromagnetic radiation much beyond what the Earth and what all life generate. Add in 100,000 new toxic chemicals this past century, increased use of pharmaceutical drugs, diets low in fresh vegetables and fruits, copious use of herbicides and insecticides poisoning our food chain and factory farmed animals, and rapid increase of poisonous vaccines, have thrown our digestive and immune systems out of balance and unable to regain symbiosis for optimal resiliency.

It is not the Coronavirus that you should fear but rather your smothering toxic environment which has weakened your protective immune system and promoting your physical failure speeding you to painful death.

Science, actual fact producing science and not the ones with the tampered false findings, clearly support an Anthroposophical organizational structure of a high infinite energy unlimited intelligence that operates silently in all objects on Earth. This is energy medicine and touts balance in our inner and outside worlds.

Many millennia ago our ancestors were stressed with not finding enough food to eat, to keep warm, and to keep safe from being eaten by meat eating predators.

Our Fight or Flight survival system already working well was easily neutralized by staying safe, fasting until food was found, and that harmonizing with the environment always became the next day with calm decision making the best way to staying alive and resilient for any challenge.

Antiquity knew nothing about genetics, the microbiome, fast food drive up windows, radiation powered devices for communication, drug intake instead of nutritional foods which also serve as medicine, and greed and hunger for absolute power which has successfully killed in some, the feeling of giving, compassion, and unconditional love.

Take this moment to think clearly, absorb what I have written, research all my assertions, and decide on what is fake, fluff, fact, fear mongering, and the blessing that you already live. Ponder a bit deeper and observe that mastering your inner world bathed in love allows the outer world to reflect what you have inside. In this chaotic and clear thinking devoid times, you can control your destiny by getting accurate information and not force fed fear and panic for someone else’s profit.