Aileen Carol Pittman Wuornos

Aileen Carol Pittman Wuornos, spirited, beaten down, becoming the negative forces that fed on her. Aileen Wuornos became infamous celebrity for her 7 Florida serial killings in 1989 and 1990. Her abuse started before birth as her Father separated from her Mother and eventually the darkness driven parent going to a mental institution for abusing young children. At age 4, she and her brother were sent to her Grandparents where her abuse accelerated. Treated with love and acceptance by her Grandmother, Aileen endured through physical and sexual abuse by the kids in the neighborhood. The downhill slide then became her getting cigarettes for sex, and participation in the sex trade to earn an income. Grandmother died when Aileen was in her early teens and distraught Granddad turning to booze to dull the pain of the loss. His despair intolerable, he then threw Aileen out of the house when she was 14. With no money, no guidance, shelter, food, clothing, abandoned and alone, she was forced to make choices to live. Becoming pregnant and dropping out of school, sleeping in the woods or anywhere protected from the rain and cold, late teen Aileen expanded her criminal experiences with theft, careless gunfire, and the hard life as a Prostitute coming with it, beatings, rape, and torture. Drifting from temporary domiciles and making a few friendships with females along the years, all she knew was a life of not being wanted, unloved and craving love, being uneducated and unqualified for traditional employment, and negative forces feeding on her with every male dominating act of exchanging money for her physical and sexual subservience. 

Rape, physical, mental and emotional abuse came with the male partners wanting to release their negative intentions onto the stereotyped, lowly, less than human, sex worker. In 1989 and 1990, she juggled a loving relationship with another female with luring men into her premeditated web of murder. Aileen was in her early thirties then and for over 25 years had suffered through sexual abuse with each violation compounding with dark negativity growing inside. All she knew was prostitution , spiritually and emotionally stunted making her unfit for traditional employment. She, like all humans, want to be happy, want certainty and feeling significant, want to be loved and to give love, want growth, want to contribute to society, and crave self actualization or becoming one’s best self. A lifetime of physical and sexual subservience to men devoid of love and respect, with their dark forces motivating them to impose their will on her, Aileen chose to retaliate and gain revenge for her rejection as a valuable one of a kind human. Instead of the exchange of money for her sex and slave subservience, she turned the tables by dominating men by killing them. The hundreds of men abusing her melded into a carnivorous parasite of self-hate and hate for the Johns who wanted to stomp on her Soul. They thinking that the money paid was fair exchange for defiling and minimizing a unique life, they would soon learn was not fair. 

When caught, the media portrayed her as a heartless, remorseless, premeditating killer. From what I have read about her, her early life, the continual abuse she suffered through, her Grandmother’s death and getting kicked out of her home at age 14, getting pregnant, being continually abused by the youth in her neighborhood, unloved and rejected, uneducated and unemployable, Aileen exchanged her body for dollars but also forced to accept the negative acts of the crazed dominating males. The law of Attraction working all the time, in her case it was attracting the dark forces of hurt and hate. Since nothing stays the same and change the only consistent thing, she accumulated enough darkness and chose to be the dominant one by the ultimate control of terminating life. 

Aileen Wuornos is not heartless, not remorseless, is spirited, feels love and craves it, and became the negative energy of the men using and disrespecting her. The trial was publicized, headline news, portraying her the remorseless killer, and defining a female serial murderer more heinous and despicable than for any guy. The jury took only 91 minutes to convict her of first degree murder with the Judge capping off his death verdict with his modified statement: May God have mercy on your corpse. Aileen Carol Pittman Wuornos intentionally brought into the world by conception and spiritual intention was continually victimized with physical, sexual, emotional, financial, and Soul attacks and abuse. Like attracts like the God law goes, and the dark negative energy inflicted on her by crazed Ego dominating males made this self-hate energy grow uncontrollably inside of her. She then took revenge on the faceless paying Johns unfortunately with a good hearted one picking her up to get her out of the rain. He was shot and killed and testimony that not all males are dark dominance driven. Aileen Wuornos was a victimized product of her negative abusive early life with those negative dark forces growing and festering into her identity. Formal academics and the social education coming with it could have expanded her views especially relating to herself. The lack of self-love, feeling rejected and unwanted, penniless and living in parks and anywhere under cover, and earning an income with her body used as a sex toy, molded her self-concept, self-image, and self-identity. Her serial murders are inexcusable but understandable. She is spirited and at the time, spirit stunted and temporarily broken. She confessed only because she didn’t want her longtime love to possibly go to jail. 

Did Aileen need be killed for her crimes? Did she do a small favor for humankind by killing potentially abusive Johns so they could not hurt any other female sex worker? Was she judged too harshly because she was a serial female killer and not the expected male? If she was granted a loving, nurturing, and supportive child and teenhood, would she have turned out to be a loving and productive member of society? Aileen was executed by lethal injection in 2002 and reported to be calm and repentive, benefitting from regular meals and shelter, and finally being at peace with herself. Lots of factors to Aileen’s story and her decisions. She is not a cold blooded monster but a victim of continual and constant abuse, rejection, and abandonment. Without feeling self-worth, without self-love, without basic academics, family or peer support, without Soul purpose, and without rudimentary education and social intelligence anyone can become prey to negative circumstances and negative dark forces., What about the guys raping her, beating her up and demeaning her, and expecting her to play their demeaning game for a dollar amount? Prostitution is millennia’s old, a way to earn income, but is it replaceable by installing dream building, self-actualization, and self-love? 

Doesn’t the Aileen Wuornos story and death tell us of how humanity can be the improved version of itself? What would you have done if in her circumstance? Is your past worse, similar, not as bad, or awesomely nurturing? Would you have convicted her of First Degree Murder and sentenced her to death? Shouldn’t all the Johns who raped her, beat her up, and tortured her be brought to justice? When do you feel those negative forces in you crying out for release and hurting others? Does road rage count? What about destroying property and hurting others using the long mutated excuse of BLM? 

Remember that for humans, resentment is followed by resistance, then onto revenge or retaliation which could be suicide, drug abuse, theft, joining a gang, violence, and antisocial behavior. Negative does attract more negative like positive attracts positive. Walk in Aileen’s shoes for a while, feel and see life through her eyes, know and feel the stress of lacking education , knowledge, hopes and dreams, and what it feels like to be unwanted, rejected, and unloved. How would you earn an income, where would you live, who would you choose as friends, and what would you choose your destiny to be? Aileen Wuornos is you, is us, is alive in many desperate for acceptance, love, and inclusion. 

This 2020 plops you into the herd realm of helplessness and not in control of your body, finances, or who to trust. Many including you are suffering because you have abdicated your will to lies and a fake harmless microbe. Like Aileen, you have accepted abuse and enslavement to eek by and quietly receiving the imposed imprisonment and soon to be mandatory physical violations. Aileen felt her Soul dying plus the dark Demons feeding and growing. She then took action, unfortunately becoming the reflection of the ugliness of the accumulation of the Johns having abused her plus Grandfather abandonment. While on Death Row, Aileen came to terms with herself, felt sadness for those she killed, maintained love for her friend, and accepted the termination of her flesh body. She knew that she would be put to death and had no choice otherwise. You do have a choice. Your global prison is like Aileen’s Death row isolation existence and like her, your destiny is the one Gates, Fauci, and the 1% Empire have judged that you have. What you do have is free will, the strength to say hell no, and to design your destiny. If paralyzed with fear and slave conditioning, will God have mercy on your corpse?