August 19, curious and head scratcher

This Wednesday, August 19, was monumental for Apple as it became the first 2 Trillion dollar company with a 2T and the Stock market rebounding to its highest levels, with millions ironically unemployed, out of money, and increasing numbers slipping further into depressing mood and suicide as no control over one’s life pain relief. Alas, with no cure for stupid(NCFS), Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison declared his: No jab, no play, for his down under country citing 430 Australians presumed, assumed, dying from the SARS-CoV-2, which has yet to be identified and confirmed by placebo studies, isolated and reproduced, ruled positive by the Koch postulate, and having its 40,000 base sequences recorded. The idea of freedom is not a concern for him or those in the rest of the world including the US, for the Cabal Corporate 1%, represented by governments, the world’s largest corporations, and celebrity nutjobs, Gates, Fauci, Redfield, for profit drug company, CDC, and Rockefeller created, WHO, are intent on continual weakening of human will by repetition fear mongering. Thanks to the reporting of the Dylan Charles publication, Waking Times, we now know of the inadequacy and inability of PM Morrison to be in office, and much better suited as a conspiracy theorist or lead vocalist of: The Sky is Falling Tabernacle Conspirators. 

The reporting indicates that 170,000, speculated to have died in the US because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and a fancy named something yet to be proved real or existing. So, if no studies have proven the existence of this killer microbe, does it really exist? Are we being set up for the big cure called the COVID vaccine fast tracked to save us all from something that may not be real at all? If this is a massive fake out job, which is a good one since we have fallen prey to it easily then the vaccine cure would be more accepted as saving humankind and chemical poisoning the norm., 

PM Morrison, politicians, government officials worldwide, and almost all in the healthcare fields have not bothered researching the CDC’s own 20 year statistics of mortality for all reasons because this 2020 is recorded as thus far the second lowest year since 2009 of people dying. Ironically, the weekly death rate for 2020 is: 0.0153% of total population while the 2019 rate was 0.0164%. This tells you that the sick and death accounting is false, fake, lies, and plain wrong and that blaming a nonexistent microbe with a scary name has an agenda behind it. Could it be a few making trillions in profit by pedaling toxic chemicals called vaccines on us and implanting surveillance tracers inside of us? Is eugenics Bill Gates involved? Irony showing sinister patterns, the dreaded 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu reported by the CDC as killing 22 million was associated in slightly more than 100 deaths. Grossly similar circumstances, the numbers getting sick and dying in this 2020 pandemic panic was inflated 90.24%. Eleven years ago, the CDC sought a vaccine for the then, SARS-CoV-1 Swine Flu virus which was never identified the killer culprit as no one was dying and now its killer cousin, SARS 2, is making its way to fast tracked mandatory poisoning. 

NCFS, PM Morrison leveraging his political power by preventing children from going to school, people entering buildings or going back to work, and for group gatherings unless, they all accept getting jabbed with a heavy metal, formaldehyde, Polysorbate surfactant, mutated monkey virus, GMO, and Squalene toxic chemical cocktail if they want to play. How can there be a pandemic or the WHO calling it as such when people aren’t dying? What about the two lowest mortality years, 2009 and 2020 in the past 20, when falsified data put out by the CDC scared the public into believing that millions were getting sick and dying, when they weren’t? Is this more than a Gates and Fauci, Gauci gang, Vaxxed hit list, for generating massive profits while starting the depopulating process? Or are they the celebrity cover story of the behind the scenes, Cabal, pleased about the continual bickering, disagreements over equality for Blacks and minorities, women’s rights, global warming , environmental pollution, and the 99% remaining poor? 

Solution? Trust your intuition, reject all governmental dictates for they are all politically divisive strategies, and fight for your freedom because your choices thus far are slavery and death, slow arduous death, and prolonged slavery and you peaceful and happy about it. Time to fight and as the saying goes: Give me liberty or give me death.