The Dual Presidency

I am proud to announce my nomination to be your next Dual President of the United States of America. 

Greetings everyone, I am Dr. Randall George Nozawa, The Bounce Back Blind Guy and I am announcing my nomination of becoming leadership love and success founded, Dual President of the United States.

The two party system continues to fail as Democrats or Republicans alternate occupying the White House and one designated as the Executive Branch top spot. I propose a new concept of the Dual Presidency and the valuable third advising wheel to be determined by you.

Elections in your lifetimes have always been one party versus another with you forced to take sides and to support whomever is on the side of your choosing. You were never given the opportunity to select your candidate whom you want representing you for that ability to choose was never really provided to you. This means that the best leaders who are inclusive and creating expansion and thriving in all communities and cultures, are rarely promoted, they punished for their inclusivity. Sadly, all agree to massive money outlay for paid advertisements fooling the public to vote for them. In the past, you were given two to choose from, one from one side and one from the other. What happens when you reject both applicants or you then decide that the nominee on the opposite team is the better one? 

My proposal for a Dual Presidency plus valuable third Wheel nomination, creates fairness, legitimacy, and closer connections of who will be enacting legislation bettering the outcomes for the entire herd. This is critical because in the failed two party system, there is automatic acceptance of Win/Lose, competition of rich against poor, narrow ideology versus narrow ideology, innovative versus restrictive, and perpetuated in- fighting as the continuing standard, separation and rejection the generation after generation norm.

The Dual Presidency solves the unworthy candidate meme because when the only Mission statement is: Creating a world that works for everyone, leaving no one behind, it no longer matters who occupies the highest office in the land. Politics and the argumentative one sided view, will only ink the pages of history books with humans as slow learners and intent on domination at the expense of others.

Truth, honesty, fairness, and using the past as research and development will allow us to continue growing and finding more ways to connect. We have built integral governing systems which automatically discriminate and all using an “ism”, such as Socialism or Capitalism, as the cultural fish food for advancement. Honest self-questioning is required to fully assess who you are, why you think as you do, why you attach certain emotions to certain events, and how you perceive your personal health, relationships, vocation or employment, and vague and impossible dreams of time and money freedom. 

My co-President nominee is Journalist, Researcher, Blogger, Patrick Herbert, who is also the co-host of my YouTube show, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine.

Folks, the accumulation of negative events, global economic catastrophe, widening fear mongering and expansion of hopelessness and helplessness because of a falsely labelled killer virus, have forced upon you the limited choices of Donald Trump, Joe Biden, enslaver/depopulator, self appointed global public health Czar, Bully Bill Gates III, health criminal, Anthony Fauci, and cowardly Democratic Governors pushing the fake science propaganda of 72 inch social distancing except in Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco, mandatory wearing of masks proven illegal by OSHA and incapable of protection from the SARS-CoV-2 infection or its spread, staying locked down and watching businesses fail, and combining centuries of inaccessible opportunities for financial advancement of Blacks, other minorities, the blind and disabled, the GLBTQ, and the many swaths of stereotyped “White trash”.

I propose broad spectrum nomination of the leaders you desire but founded on the only platform, Creating a world that works for everyone, leaving no one behind. Yes, there is racism, sexism, more moneyism, envy and jealousyism, and staying safely associated and anonymous amongst others of similar convictions.

This 2020 is landmark for fake crises circumstances have served you up a choice: exist as a peaceful happy slave or unite the masses and fight for freedom while living your highest truth. The world, your existence as you knew it, is gone and which you can never return to. The hard truth is that there is a new virus, that it is weakening, that statistics of infectivity are inflated and grossly over estimated, and that the invisible power behind government called the Empire, Corporate Elite, or Cabal, is making its move for absolute domination.

Think on this because as you comply to this lock down, watch your business go bankrupt and savings evaporate, watch your employer go out of business or downsize, and eagerly without questioning, go along with foolish fear based physical distancing and mask wearing tactics, and confronted with mandatory vaccinations or poisoning to depopulate, new leadership and enhanced awareness is your only way to the light dimmed by decades of the low ceiling of peaceful slavery. 

Yearly topics of immigration, increasing numbers in poverty, decreased opportunities of financial advancement in certain geographies, concentrations especially Black and Latino, a corporation controlled food supply poisoned with herbicides and insecticides, a money supply outside our power to control it, continuing war to confirm the necessity of the Military complex, Native First People still stuck on Reservations and not allowed to thrive, 5G being installed and primary intent as surveillance, data collection, and crowd control, conditioned pill for an ill medicine meme getting us sicker, and misinformation on the mainstream news plus Social media censorship, to divide and disconnect us.

What does real freedom feel like? I don’t know and you don’t. I know this for we as a species have never been free. Let us stand strong and topple the Tierney with conviction, purpose, vision of what can be, and engaging in unity, trust, and empathic conscious Capitalism doused with the healing energy of unconditional love. Factual information you can start with by ignoring the mainstream traditional news because what is reported to you has been manipulated to ensure your compliance and unquestioning servitude to the invisible and absolute power driven Cabal.

Alternative news is now called actual factual news and can be found at: New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine on YouTube, Be The Change, on the Pyramid One worldwide network, the Bob Charles show,, Children’s Health Defense, Jeremy Hammond, Jonathon Landsman, National Vaccine Information Center, Meryl Nass, Joe Mercola, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Jonathon Otto, Tom O’Bryan, Stephen Gundry, John Rappaport, David Icke, Dylan Charles, and Patrick Herbert.

Check out my background on my sites:,, Dr. Randall George Nozawa Blog. Description and Links to co-President nominee, Patrick Herbert can be easily found, thusly providing you with necessary information needed for you to choose us as the Humanitarian Dual President ticket. 2020 is your best and greatest year and what seems bad, devastating, and hopeless is the opportunity for living the life that you would most love to live. Come with me. Come with Patrick. 

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