Symbiotic Relationships

Relationships are energetic from subatomic to the Source that put us here.

What is macro is also micro, food is medicine and medicine is food, what is good for the Universe is good for the individual, life happens through you, for you, immune resiliency is a gift designed to get stronger only if challenged, death allows life to happen, love and knowledge melts away fear, negative energy and positive energy can outbalance the other by decision. 

When you take a moment to review your life, the current day, or how you are feeling now, thoughts attached to certain emotions cause your body to respond. This could mean a faster pulse rate, teeth grinding, muscle contractions in your hands and stomach, heart pounding, anxiety, anger, helplessness and hopelessness, sense of insignificance and uncertainty, or feeling calm and grateful. 

The outside world mirrors what is inside of you and a symbiotic balance realized when attention and awareness heightened. At the microscopic dimension, Electrons, Neutrons, Protons, and electricity describe the minutia of a definable inner world with constantly changing energy relationships the norm.

Each cell has two layers and organelles which have assigned jobs using the energy from foods and Oxygen and information from outside the organism to operate efficiently. Chemical messengers allow each cell and microbe in the body to know what the other cells are doing and when imbalance occurs requiring rebalancing. 

Human bodies are 99% inhuman called the microbiota consisting of viruses, bacteria, Fungus, Molds, Yeasts, and parasites, cohabitating in commensal harmony for the efficient functioning of the humanoid. We shed ancient entities called viruses daily passing on information from what is inside of us to the outer world. The miraculously designed symbiosis is that viruses from plants, rocks and dirt, water, and animals including the human ones, find their way inside of us providing information of what is happening on the outside. 

Each object, largest to smallest, have certain energy frequencies and collectively harmonize so we are able to live in balance. Relationships, seen and unseen, breathing and not breathing, inside and outside, are planned interactive meetings emanating from the Source that created it, which allows us to live.

Humans are social animals, the most complex ever made, and gifted the abilities to imagine, create ideas, to use emotions that cause feelings, to develop interests and desire to pursue those interests, and to make decisions. We also have varying degrees of physical prowess where a few perform at the highest showing what is possible for our species. 

Focusing on the current wrinkle in our history called, Corona, COVID, SARS, panic, pandemic, worry, fear mongering, and retreating back into the being afraid comfort zone, all relationships are negatively affected with the expected negative results. Combine the collective assault of 100,000 toxins since 1900, high refined carb diet and demonizing healthy fat since the 1940’s, mandatory chemical cocktail poisoning called vaccinations since the 1980’S, radiation poisoning with untested Wi-Fi and 1G to 5G, Glyphosate and biocide poisoning of the food supply, overuse of fossil fuels and unmanaged pollution, and the stresses of Global poverty, have weakened the resiliency of the human species steeply increasing the types and severity of dis-eases and illnesses. 

Coronavirus, and there are over 150 varieties, have been designated a people killer prompting officials to act illegally by stripping away Constitutional rights and squashing our freedom. The diabolic and sinister intention of the Cabal, Illuminati, or Corporate Criminal Cartel, has allowed powerful and rich henchmen like Bill Gates, George Soros, the WHO, the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biocide, Telecom, and Military Industrial cartels, to flex enslaving the masses with fear of a tiny virus that by itself makes us stronger not weaker. 

Sadly, we have been conditioned to blind obedience to authority especially when fear of illness and death by an itsy bitsy microbe is weaponized.

Government officials have acted illegally and declared that we stay indoors, separate from one another by 72 inches, to wear face masks, and to allow businesses to go bankrupt and to not show up at places of employment.

What is this relationship? Who is the slave and who is not? Who is insignificant and disposable? Who has the power and controls the prison? Is the relationship transaction here, Master and slave? Are you content and happy being the good slave? Is your energy as the hopeless and helpless prisoner high and unlimited or dangerously low and slipping even lower? What does freedom feel like or are you reenacting Schindler’s List? 

Take this moment to assess your relationship to yourself, the vibrant interactions inside your body, how you perceive the sky, trees, mountains, rivers, roads and buildings, other people, and why you choose to hide inside awaiting the government to tell you that you can live but with restrictions. Your coffers are drying up or totally empty yet you empower your jailers and not yourself. Time to ask why? 

Living in constant fear, and now poverty, anxiously awaiting Slave Master permission to think, breathe, to do what you want, and to earn an income is all that is anti-freedom and celebrating Hitler, the crowded graves and ovens reserved for our murdered ancestors. They did not rebel and didn’t fight back. We can and if you want a relationship of unlimited freedom and high energy, you must take a stand and fight for it.

Humans were not meant to be slaves for this is unnatural and antithetical to what the Source had planned. However, your intention and commitment to that intention will produce results. Your current situation tells you what you have chosen. If you want a different result, release your courage, unleash your power, and make freedom the daily normal!

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