The Galapagos Survived Humankind and so can You!

The Galapagos Island chain, the most volcanic ever, is 600 miles off of South America in the South Pacific, automatic neighbor to nutrient rich Humboldt and Cromwell currents, and extreme weather patterns that shaped each land mass. Diversity and life adaptation noted by young scientist, Charles Darwin, on his 15 day stop there aboard the HMS Beagle in 1835 would eventually become 24 years later, The Origin of Species. Influenced by one of his students and using phrases he didn’t agree with but convinced to use, survival of the fittest, became common language in the anthropological evolution society, and establishing the foundation of what we were taught to believe as how evolution proceeded. In these extensive above water land masses, estimated to be over 350 million years old with many islands migrating to different locations, plant and animal life were unique to this unexplored area of the Pacific. The Albatross nests and reproduce in the Galapagos exclusively before returning to its journeys of hours and sometimes days of gliding on winds of direction familiar to them. Two hundred types of Iguanas live by the surf and the only varieties that dive to the Ocean floor to find plant food. Four hundred pound Tortoises grazed and lived for centuries there, meandering to the energetic imprint they were given. 

As per the title to this article, Humans showed up bringing their kill, destroy, no consequences to their actions ignored attitudes to this once isolated pristine haven. In the 1700’s, Whalers learned that the Sperm Whale, valuable for its blubber, congregated in Galapagos waters where they hunted them to near extinction. On one of those 1795 hunt and kill expeditions was a young sailor, Herman Melville, turning his experiences into the classic, Moby Dick. It was the Whalers and explorers carrying on their ships, horses, pigs, goats, and chicken which were put onto the new ground which disrupted the natural Galapagos life rhythms. The generations of feral Goats are especially destructive since they ate the grasses that the slow moving Tortoises ate for millions of years and significantly changing the shelled reptile diet patterns. What put these massive creatures in danger of extinction was the Whalers abducting them, over 200,000 estimated by the mid1850’s for feeding the crew. A century and a half later, over 100,000 tourists visit the Galapagos, leaving their biologic waste, snack plastics, fast food boxes and wrappers, and strangely, hundreds of new species of insects. Yes, wherever humans go, who are not respectful of Nature and diverse life generously placed there, or creatures migrating by free will to a new land, the human animal will act the absolute power predator, kill and destroy, and continuing killing and destroying. Fortunately the Galapagos, or Nature at its diverse best with a name, retains 95% of its original pre human residents. This means that humankind has only eliminated 5% of the God placed Galapagos animals into extinction. 

Sadly, the commonly known like: Polar bears, bees and butterflies, Cetaceans or species of whales including the Orca, Right, and Humpback, our relatives the Orangutan, Giraffe, Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, and many avian species will likely in our lifetimes no longer exist because of Ego and greed driven killer, human. We are shocked when watching Shark Week, a rerun of Jaws, or listening to the increases in Shark attacks or the half dozen or so who are killed by the Ocean apex predator. We, however, calmly accept that 100 million Sharks are killed yearly for soup, medicinal remedies, their teeth, or trophies. What about the Big Game hunter with the Deer, Lion head, or stuffed Bengal Tiger adorning their living rooms? Wouldn’t it be much more fair if these fearless hunters left their high powered rifles at home and instead stealthily sneaking up on the desired prey brandishing a pocket knife or using their hands to make the kill ? 

This article speaks to diversity, the harmony in Nature where death is the cycled twin of life, that environment or terrain is healing and if allowed to grow will be increasingly resilient, and that when selfish, taking not giving, and the absence of love predominates, that existence is Win/Lose. Nature, the God form in action and sharing an infinite intelligence of a cosmic balance and founded on unconditional love is always healing, fair, renewing, and regenerative. So what is fair, renewing, regenerative, and benefitting everyone in your abnormal mask wearing, social distancing, avoiding others lockdown? Who benefits and who suffers as the fearful prey? This false panic game, an absolute power display by the Elite 1% led by top soldier, Mad Vaxxer eugenics, Gates Gang leader, Will III is intent on jabbing you with toxic chemicals that will , make you sick, weaken your immune system, decrease your cognition or thinking ability, and for many, place you into extinction. Like the murderous Whalers 300 years ago, Hitler, Rockefeller, and Rothschild revitalized immortal, the Gates and Fauci collaboration is upon you , and like the Sperm Whale and Tortoise on the front end of extinction. Unlike our animal brethren, we can choose and fight back standing firmly on freedom. The richest, those controlling the money and food supply, and those controlling telecommunication, care not if you live or die and only excited about your money and wanting it. Spend it somewhere that benefits our Planet and not on the murderous Whalers and enslavers of our time. Feel the pure energy of the Galapagos before killer humans arrived, and how being part of Nature has given us the power of unconditional love to thrive in harmony not enslaved in fear. 

Seems that the Galapagos Cormorant bird species cannot fly but can dive for fish. Unique like the diving Iguana, diversity in animals, species, our voices, appearance, languages, thoughts, emotions, and ability to choose love or fear is what makes us the top predator. Sadly like the other top predator, Shark, who eat their young and their fellow fish, our Elite is doing the same to their 99% brethren. Reject slavery and the fate of the Sperm Whale or have your legacy written by those who orchestrated your intentional murder.