Sunshine, Vegetables, and Positive Attitude make SARS a good Friend

This 2020 is seminal for what looks like Humanity willingly accepting enslavement with the masses going along with the tyranny and doing nothing about it. This makes the John Whitehead description of the human animal a peaceful slave sadly accurate. Why? Aren’t most of you following the Governmental declaration, order, Martial law edict, to lockdown or stay home under cover, wear masks, refrain from employment or making money to protect yourself and others from a 0.06 micron microbe, and to somehow estimate a 72 inch distance from any of your Homosapien brethren? How’s it working out for you? Broke, savings gone, anxiously awaiting crumbs from the Federal government, satisfied that you are lowering the curve, and ironically many of you getting sick with this or that? Good golly, Molly, is there any intelligent life on this Planet? Rudimentary knowledge of physics, general health, and attention to intuition tells you that microbes are common and necessary for being alive and that without the trillions of viruses(the almost invisible spec that you are deathly afraid of), bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts, Molds, and parasites, all living harmoniously in your gut, that you would be dead. 

Did you know that a fecal implant from someone who is thin will make you also thin? Gross as this sounds, the verifiable science behind this discovery is that those who are thin have gut microbes which create the environment, the terrain, for effective food metabolism and nutrient uptake and the physical appearance of thin and fit. This article is to inform and update you on Nature’s gift of sunshine, vegetables, and positive attitude, and how we were designed to become increasingly resilient with continual exposure to new microbes, Corona SARS included. 

Sunshine, and all the varying wave lengths have multiple beneficial affects on our body systems including immune strength, the Parasympathetic rest, digest, renew, and detoxify, and providing the 3 pounds of your microbiome gut buddies to live healthily so they can up and down regulate your genes for your optimal health. It is the UV B rays which stimulate the inactive form of Vitamin D and Cholesterol friend to enter the Liver then Kidneys to become the Vitamin D3 which serves to not only support your bone density but for making hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, proteins, and support of your 25 foot long single cell layered gut tube where food is broken down into usable nutrients as well as keeping the information exchange multi-lateral communication going. Misinformation about sunshine turning into amplified fear of it and subsequent billion dollar sunscreen industry, indoor occupations, and tech advancements , have forced us inside, sunshine bankrupt, and weakening our immune army, 80% located in our gut. Vitamin D works with Cholesterol(good and necessary for great health and longevity) to facilitate both nutrient and energy exchange especially by strengthening our immune resilience. Staying locked indoors therefore is killing you and with the added stressors of dwindling money and uncertainty of the future, you have agreed to slavery and early death. 

Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT and researcher, Ari Whitten, have informed us that Cholesterol sulfate strengthens the heart muscle and necessary for heart health and antagonist to this foolish marketing meme of low Cholesterol in the diet and taking Statin drugs. A valuable aside is something called, Gilbert’s Syndrome, after the 1901 discovery by Augustin Gilbert(pronounced, geelbear). This describes Bilirubin , a yellow pigment metabolite of red blood cell death. Part of the two sides law, lethargy, fatigue, and depressive mood is accompanied half of the time with a lifetime of decreased heart disease and Atherosclerosis. Though a genetic gift in 4% of the population, it is sunshine which allows the Bilirubin metabolite to become immune protective. Each cell in our bodies have Vitamin D receptors , Insulin receptors, and host of others, which respond to sunshine magically put together for optimal functioning of our human flesh selves. Sunshine is thusly nutrition which also stimulates our internal antioxidants, Glutathione, Catalase, and Super Oxide Dismutase(SOD) so we can heal ourselves. Each cell in us, mostly nonhuman, operate most efficiently with the benefits of the biochemistry of sunshine radiation. 

Know that sunburn is detrimental but adequate sunshine is renewing and restorative. Did you know that those working outdoors have less incidence of skin cancer than those once in a long while greedy Sun worshippers? Like anything, when your life has become indoor and artificial light dominated, spending lots of time outside in the Sunshine once in a while creates inordinate stress on the skin and increasing propensity for skin cancer. The light, Olive and dark skinned have varying numbers of Melanocytes or cells that make the Melanin which gives you the skin shade that you have. Melanin absorbs sunshine stimulating your innate immune system and availability of immuno-globulins, T cells, and Macrophages(viruses inside your bacteria, and also an antioxidant for your skin. What sunshine also does is to lessen the Cytokine Storm significant in injuries, food poisoning, allergies, and this SARS-CoV-2 causing the feared COVID 19. 

The Pineal gland nestled in between the cerebral hemispheres produce the hormone Melatonin responsible for sleep. The past decades of poisoning the water supply with fluoride, a neurotoxin supposedly beneficial in preventing dental decay, has led to crystalizing the Melatonin producing pea sized gland, and why we are prevented from Circadian restorative sleep. Combined with increasing stresses in our Capitalistic high achievement only herd expectation existence, brain health is quickly eroding with the ubiquity of sleep loss, brain fog, thought fatigue, and more experiencing dementia, sooner than later. It is in sleep that the brain shrinks as toxins drain into the Glymphatics and excreted. Our flesh vessel is a system of many interacting systems, has light entering the eyes, striking the Super Chiasmatic Nucleus(SCN) activating the Pineal gland. Cortisol from the Adrenals is higher in the morning which awakens you and diminishing until the Circadian nightfall which stimulates the Pineal to secrete Melatonin and advent of detoxifying sleep. Melatonin like dermal Melanin is also and antioxidant. Both are optimized by Sunshine and why based on skin color that getting appropriate minutes in Sun is critical for optimal health. 

There is a reason for more of the elderly and darker skinned dying in this fake pandemic panic. More than 42% of the lighter skin population and 75% of Blacks, are Vitamin D3 deficient or they having blood levels less than 40 ng per ml. This is why those in nursing homes deprived of sunshine, fed toxin filled Frankenfoods, and lockdown preventing visiting family companionship are dying more often. The Black population especially the poorest are already nutrition deprived, most experiencing limited finances, stressing over the limited finances, and not getting enough time in sunshine. Their dark skin, or large amounts of Melanocytes producing lots of Melanin absorb the sun preventing those healing rays to get into the body pathways and placing them in immune compromise and open to pathogen excrement illness. So if a light skinned person requires 10-30 minutes of sun daily, the dark skinned require 60-90 minutes everyday

. Another feature of the COVID is that the blood clumps and clogs add to the high Lung mucous production and respiratory struggle. Thusly the ignorant deadly use of ventilators which killed 92% of those forced to use them. Sadly the financial upside of placing assumed, presumed, sort of kind of looks like COVID individuals on ventilators was a $39,000 money reward for those falsely labelled as the C 19. 

You doo know that there are no, none, nada, tests that accurately recognize this SARS Corona microbe? All the false reporting of confirmed infections an deaths are 100% false, fake, and presented to scare you based on lies. This is why more in the science and medical communities question if this iteration of the Coronavirus family is even the infecting culprit or if there is a pandemic at all? The benefit of Cholesterol Sulfate is that it clings to red blood cells and that combining negative charges keep the red cells apart and improving the circulation of each person affected by SARS or not. This is another example of Cholesterol being a health benefit for us humans falsely taught to be afraid of it and that it causes heart disease. Cholesterol is therefore a necessary health builder and poisonous Statin drugs what are making you sick. 

Greens, vegetables, including the brightly colored , as well as herbs and spices, contain Chlorophyll which is sunshine nutrient energy meant to team with both human and nonhuman cells for symbiosis and our self-healing. The deeper message is that energy, in the same zone as Nature and the Source of all things, has an intelligence, a Universal knowing, and innate ability to heal, renew, and to promote longevity. In pragmatic and daily practical existence is the unlimited power of spiritual intelligence of unconditional love. Difficult to define but love is an energized state opening up the invisible and cache of knowledge of the internal forces that have existed. Long before our flesh costumes. 

Positive attitude or positive state becomes biochemical and supportive to the immune systems, organs and glands, and teaming with Vitamin D and the energy pathways which bring balance to our inner world and what is outside. Agreeing to a lockdown preventing you from Sunshine is thusly killing you. Wearing a mask preventing you from welcoming new microbes including viruses or Exosomes is making you less resilient and your immune system weakened for future interactions with new viruses. Negative attitude is also documented in dulling hormonal, cell respiration, and Mitochondria energy production and communication with the organs, gut microbiome, and what is going on outside of the flesh container. Do not let the bulk and details of science and the propaganda lies deter you from the simplicity of the seemingly complexity of Nature or that love energy called God is always healing you. Thanks to that ball of fire called the Sun, we can thrive with our bodily systems, emotions and immune most powerful, tuned into a master structure of continual growth and learning. Our immune system was meant to grow by constant introduction to new microbes called pathogens and they eventually becoming part of our commensal microbiome. 

Refuse to be a slave and die a slave. This means unleashing your courage and living the life that you would most love to live. Start with getting outside, shedding much of your clothing, wearing your mask only if robbing a bank or for getting more Halloween candy, and feeling the sunshine on your skin as this nutrient nourishes you and each microbe and system in your miracle body. Next is to get people you trust into positions of influence that will serve all of you and the Planet for optimal integrative and interactive symbiotic unity.