Nature Rhythm, Predator and Prey and all whom benefit

Nature or the Infinite Intelligence or God energy has thought up, organized, and executed on an expanding and contracting Universe, billions of Galaxies with billions of stars in each, one we call the Milky Way, and a Planet called Earth full of millions of life forms of different sizes and shapes, with each here to fulfill a specific purpose. Almost 14 billion years old this life flourishing Planet has allowed the nonlinear evolutionary process to deliver undefinable diversity from the miniscule minutia to immeasurable structures above ground and below the deepest of Ocean depths. This article is to remind you that life requires eating or taking in nutrients , energy, and information, and that what are designated as Predator and Prey share a synchronous symbiosis, or intertwined energetic relationship. Not so ironically, this will unveil the current global relationship with a microbe and faulty association with it.

Every July, Salmon return home to Alaska and knowingly swim inland over 600 miles to get back where they were born, to lay the eggs of the next generation, then dying. Somehow the Orcas, Sea Lions, Brown bears, Wolves, birds, and other scavengers, know of the swimming protein and fat sources coming home alerting them to take their best positions for the feast. Hatched in upstream fresh water and quickly converting to Ocean water Oxygen filtration, the now adult Salmon must quickly return to fresh water breathing as they trek the miles of rivers , streams, and slender tributaries back to where they were born. With the years at sea, the young Salmon grew bigger and stronger by eating primarily micro algae rich in the Omega 3 fatty acids. Many animals benefit from eating these fish because of the clean protein but more importantly for the rich Omega 3 fats which act as anti oxidants and anti inflammatory healthful adaptors. If not caught and eaten by the gauntlet of voracious Predators the determined Salmon acting on instinct will withstand any obstacle until they return to their birthplace, lay their eggs, then having finished their internal directive, dying. Not actually a sad event, millions of the dead carcasses are taken by critters of the woods, eaten, digested and pooped out, and the excrement enriching the soil with minerals, beneficial bacteria and viruses, and absorbed by the thousands of trees and vegetation in coastal Alaska.

At the same time in early Summer on the East coast off Newfoundland the Capelin fish migration from Icelandic waters converge with North Atlantic Cod and Atlantic Humpback whales somehow knowing that a feasting frenzy was waiting to happen. Capelin are silvery fish about 8 to 10 inches long and like Grunion, thrust themselves on the sand to lay their eggs. The males die and some of the females flipping around to get back into the water. Interestingly, the Atlantic Cod and Humpback whales team up to confine the Capelin for a hearty buffet. The Cod would position themselves beneath the silver fish and force them closer to the surface while the Humpbacks blowing a bubble ceiling trapping them there for easy meals for the hungry predators. The Humpbacks migrated 3,000 miles from their Summer Caribbean retreat to get to the Newfoundland coast to engage in the team work with the North Atlantic cod for the tasty meal. -Back in coastal Alaska, it is this Salmon return migration that allows the Brown bears in that area to grow in size giving them nutrients so they can live longer and healthy. Without the Salmon run, researchers have estimated that over 90% of the Brown bear population wouldn’t live as long and be more prone to diseases that they might die from. These two examples indicate a rhythm or engrained migratory pattern that affects other species and for the coastal forests of Alaska, replenishing and revitalizing the soils so the Flora can enrich and thrive.

Another story comes from a desolate and low moisture desert in Southern Africa where there is much varieties in bug life with little food and water, but with high deadly temperatures. A thumb nail sized beetle every night climbs a sand dune the scale of stacking Everest onto itself compared to the size of a human, getting to the top then standing on its head to draw the Fog onto itself allowing the mist to becoming water and dripping into its mouth. Creativity by invention lets this tiny creature drink up to 40% of its body weight before trekking down the Dune. Predators observe this climb and innovation to get water and made the other beetles juicy snacks.

I’ll give you one more example of a Divine plan and specificity of the system. In the Southern hemisphere grows a tree called the Strychnine tree which bears a poisonous fruit that would kill a human and all animals except one. This creature is the Hornbill which is unaffected by eating the poisoned fruit. This bird has an odd habit of bathing in dirt which might be rich in minerals, microbes like viruses and bacteria, and enzymes that could be protective of the Avion’s skin or possibly to absorb any Strychnine remnants. How does this relate to COVID, the practice of a pandemic using the Coronavirus months before the first case was documented, known authorities like Fauci , Gates, CDC, NIH, WHO, ramping up fear with restricted strategies to combat the microbe, subsequent destruction of the United States and global economies, increased tension with China, and the exposure of the Empire behind the ruse but clarifying the sinister intention for world domination by causing poverty, dependence on the government, and psychological breakdown forcing the average person to feel helpless and hopeless with the only cure or answer being a poisonous vaccine, poisonous pharmaceuticals, and dependence upon the political system for handouts, and money bailouts and the currencies with zero value?

Nature is the God energy and high vibrational frequencies that attract, mend, unite, bolster courage, and turning falsities and lies into truth and direction. I mentioned everyday occurrences in Nature and the Universal high positive energy that heals without the greed and Ego centered agendas, the foundation of this human cargo capture for ransom. Nature is truth without exception and so too is our intuition and designing our own destinies as free people. That little beetle got creative, drank water daily, and braved the possibility of being eaten. Without action this bug would probably have died from thirst but found a way to turn Fog into water.

We now know that viruses because of Terrain theory cannot kill unless the immune system is compromised, that masks not only do not work but can actually make us sick, that there is no value in social distancing, and that forcing all to go broke makes most of the masses beholden and dependent to the Federal government, who will not do the right thing by denouncing Gates and Fauci, the FDA, CDC, NIH, the WHO, the fake and purposely misleading mainstream news, and the censorship by the social medias. We must take a stand for you can depend and trust yourself and this belief alone can move you forward into empowerment and then to freedom.