Let’s Make A Deal (Or Else!)

Likened to the popular game show of the 1970’s starring charismatic host, Monte Hall and attractive stage side kick, Carol Merrill, this 2020 version exchanges fun for fear, excitement for desperation, levels of winning for automatic losing, freedom for enslavement, and healthy longevity for chemical and electromagnetic poisoning. 

The Corporate criminal cartel as the game host, and high profile henchmen like Bully Billy Gates and the Militarized Police State, surreptitious thieving Politicians and paid snitches formerly known as friendly neighbors as attractive side kick replacements, force our humanity into a surveillance and depopulation endgame show. 

Here are the rules! 

Our 7.8 billion humankind is theoretically infected with a virus called Bolognavirus (not related to the Oscar Meyer brand junk), and Famous Corporate criminal Elite shills, the UN and subsidiary, WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, EPA, FTC, FCC, all governments, Face Book and Google, the Telecom giants, Big Pharma, Agri businesses, all politicians, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Amazon, and the richest, convincing the masses called Ungulate sheep, to stay indoors, to not go to work and go bankrupt, to stay 72 inches apart if outside, to buy as many rolls of toilet paper as possible, and if coming down with a fever and cough to get tested with the Bolognavirus kit which doesn’t work but makes lots of profits for the Pharmaceutical complex. 

Part of the game is knowing that those who died in the 1918 Spanish or Midwest Flu was 2.3%, those dying in the 1976 and 2009 Flu versions were about .002%, and the current Bolognavirus has maybe, led to .006% dying. Curiously however, the CDC and WHO falsely, intentional and blatant lies, post dying percentages higher than any other microbial plague historically known. 

Now the global audience is paralyzed in fear, feeling helpless and hopeless, stinging with high anxiety, desperation, poverty and loss of jobs and their businesses, and awaiting hidden in their homes, for the government to save them. First, a $1,200 crumb is tossed to the overly stressed and panicked sheep with not all of the heard getting it with most happy for the trickle down morsel. 

Next, some States are slowly rolling back the going outside restrictions allowing some to walk in a park or go golfing. Don’t forget the 72 inches between each person for this spacing seems to be the magical scientifically correct distance where this Bolognavirus cannot jump far enough to get to the other person. 

What happens when you go to your bank, the grocery store, the hospital, to your doctors office, the Dentist, the gas station, the nearest gun dealer, and any place where you are automatically interacting with others in less than this 72 inch safety zone? Hypocrisy building and ignored by the sheep, the game continues for you have the choice to ignore the violation of your Constitutional rights and to return to your jobs and businesses, hold hands in public, cough or sneeze because of seasonal allergies and knowing you will be reported (snitched on) to the police, and return to normalized living as any free person would. 

Or not. 

Most of the sheep remain hiding in their homes, running out of money or totally broke, and anxiously waiting for the newest Empire declaration of temporary restricted freedom to breathe and go outside. 

So here is the deal! 

Summon your courage based on factual information, return to your employment and job, hold hands and hug in public if you choose, interact with others, and do what the social human was meant to be and do, or remain hidden in cowardly retreat, anxious with constant fear, fighting depression and thoughts of suicide, and awaiting the nod from your Master for permission to live a life without freedom, head down, and primed for slaughter, which is literal. 

Mandatory vaccinations will poison and kill you for most have agreed to being pet microchipped with systemic chemical squirts, a nifty certificate of being a proud slave, and slowly dying sterilized, the mindlessly brainwashed Stepford automaton. 

Here is the real deal. Get on your knees, kiss the ring, obey without question or hesitation, and you will be rewarded with a poisonous chemical cocktail injection or microchip tattoo, allowed to live in poverty dependent on the government, and groveling for financial burnt toast accepting hopelessness and helplessness as your legacy. Because you chose the safe and uninformed easy deal, you guaranteed your lifetime enslavement for you and your children, sterilization and depopulation awaiting you the big prize behind the curtain. 

Want a better deal? 

Want to live with humility, honor, respect, gratitude, unconditional love, optimal health and wealth? 

First you must choose freedom not enslavement, commitment to imagination and consciousness expansion, and devoted to living the life that you would most love to live. Time to make your own deal and though you will not fell the Corporate Criminal Elite, you will get their attention forcing them to modify their spiritless intentions and actions. One can ignite a movement and transformation but it will take a unified intent filled, purposeful, head up mass to cause the change worth dying for. Freedom is worth dying for unless being a fearful slave is who you resign yourself to be. Want to make your own deal and live free? Let us do it together and unite the masses!