Stay In The Game!

Life is a game and all a matter of how you play it. Are you playing to win, to get by, to retreat in selfishness, to buffer the pain with intoxicants, anger, and ill will, or just flowing in anonymous mediocrity? 

Unlike a sporting event where the team or individual accruing the most points declared the winner, one’s life is graded by sharing one’s uniqueness and experiences, interests and talents, how social interactions result in positive, negative, indifferent outcomes, but growth nonetheless.

Take this moment to calmly observe this Coronavirus event, created or not, and what your core beliefs have motivated you to do, or not do. 

Fear, is powerful and a built in system for our survival, alerting us to run, stay and fight, or freeze and accept death.

What are you doing right now?

Are you running, frozen in the abyss of afraid, obeying the declarations you hear on the News and Social medias, chain ganging it along with what your State and Federal Officials spout, or what the WHO, CDC, and fake health Czar, Bill Gates are blurting?

Can you see that this falsely anointed worldwide deadly virus that has caused panic, then end of days perceived reality, based on your implanted faulty programmed beliefs, your conditioning, and your narrow understanding of the outside world, has distorted the truth that you depend on for inner guidance?

Are you playing to thrive and live on your own terms or playing to not die? 

Here is a story of an elderly female in a nursing home, a nobody from nowhere named Harriett.

Harriett is part of a bowling team of 5 other female residents in this nursing home. All are physically fragile, take medications for this-and-that, have been tested positive for Coronavirus with the faulty testing kits, and all either without symptoms or recovering without lingering effects.

Harriett, however, comes down with heart and Liver problems, is hospitalized, and undergoes surgery. 

At 83 the surgical team noticed her fragile arteries and veins, and blockages in the Heart and Liver organs. The surgeons discussed life saving surgery but weighing it against Harriett’s highly fragile and weakened condition, with a higher percentage of her dying on the table. The benefits and contraindications were discussed with Harriett for the Surgeons thought because she had already lived a long life, that she would choose the safer route, decline the surgery, and live in meaningless limbo but not dying in the invasive medical procedure. 

Harriett surveyed her over 8 decades on Earth existence, noted that she had no living relatives, and that her only friends were those living in the nursing home and especially the ones on the bowling team. She wanted the difficult surgery fully informed that she had a high probability of dying. 

Concurrently in the waiting room were her elderly nursing home friends, her bowling buddies, speaking to one of her surgeons.

They all laughed about the good times they had together and that Harriett was a lousy bowler and that the team scoring averages were higher with Harriett in the hospital. The mood becoming still and quiet, they all explained that bowling was not for winning or higher scores but rather for the friendship, the laughs, laughing at one another, and feeling that they belonged to one another. 

They all wanted Harriett to do the surgery so they could all continue on as long as they could in their unified group.

Harriett did choose the surgery, the defects in the Heart and Liver unrelated and unaffected by the Coronavirus, recovered more quickly than expected, and back with her bowling team. Alas, Harriett was still a lousy bowler, the team scores dropped, with all 5 laughing and making more happy memories. 

This is a true story and Harriett is a somebody from somewhere, a person with purpose; a person brought together with others because of longevity; a person farther from birth and closer to death, and a unique someone gambling on living fully instead of fearing the fear of meaningless mediocre and playing it safe.

Harriett chose living life on her terms, choosing thriving not safe simplicity, experienced more laughs with her friends and the same low scores, maximizing her gifted time on Earth by honoring herself as unique and one of a kind, making Fear a friend and not running from it. 

What about you? How are you playing your life game? 

Do you find yourself pissed and angry more often than not, constantly criticizing and condemning others, constantly judging others to be inferior and wrong, expert at frowning and scowling, blaming others for your lack of money and absent easy high roller lifestyle, and dismayed at the unwanted aches and pains, wrinkles and sagging splotchy skin, stained and missing teeth, and taking pills that don’t work causing gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or both?

Could it be that you self deprecate, consider yourself inadequate, not good enough, not smart enough, ugly, lesser, and angry that you believe this and project this vitriol onto others? Or have you dedicated to being happy, grateful and respect filled, understanding, forgiving, excited for new ideas and expanded imagination, excited for new experiences, overcome by gratitude for the ones in your life, and seeing the open doors and silver lining disguised in the unconscionable worst? 

Life is what comes before death with expiration guaranteed but time of the event unknown. Freedom is a lifestyle of your choosing regardless and in spite of those who control your money, your food, the biased news or lies told to you, and the Fear body implanted in your belief system silently convincing you that you have no control over your life events. 

A 12 year old Harriett, surfer, cheerleader, and A+ student in gossiping, never imagined being 83, living in a nursing home, all of her relatives deceased, having great fun on the nursing home bowling team, and choosing a difficult surgery to save her life that would most likely have killed her. She made a choice after weighing the 2 options, and chose freedom knowing that the best outcome came with the highest cost. 

Would you play it safe waiting for death in the nursing home in declining health, or do the difficult surgery and get back with your friends, the laughs, the treasured experiences, the memories?

How you play the game is how you navigate life, and what you expect out of yourself and what you want for yourself. So don’t merely clunk along in fearful bankruptcy afraid to live but play the game to what makes your heart crackle in the high register. This is choosing love and laughter, giving and being grateful, interacting and understanding, and constantly winning by expecting the best. 

If you like what I have written then let me know, and if you don’t like it let me know, and if you want to take it higher and desiring transformation, then do contact me. Remember that life happens for you, through you, but you have to believe it before you can see it. Kaizen 2020 and make Namaste your everyday.