Mammogram or Thermogram and which if any will save you?

Cancer, the dreaded word that no one wants to hear from the White Coat with the MD stitched above the left breast pocket(pun not intended) is growing increasingly common and leading cause of death with the many advancements in medical technology. Has anyone asked why Cancers, Myocardial Infarctions, Diabetes, Obesity, and the Autoimmune dis-eases are on the steep rise especially in the wealthiest countries? For women, Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer, which will be shocking and temporarily thought paralyzing. This is the best time for return to calm rational thinking and not a rush into treatment of any kind. 

What is traditional and FDA approved(and as you know the FDA is corrupt, an arm of the Pharmaceutical cartel, as corrupt as the CDC, FCC, and WHO, and cannot be trusted for honesty) is Mammography or zapping breasts with ionizing radiation(yes, radiation that actually causes Cancer) as an accepted method in diagnosing breast cancer. A treatment that causes Cancer to detect Cancer? Procedurally, the female must squish her breast firmly against the photo plate which , if she indeed has breast cancer, possibly ruptures the mass so metastasis can occur. What about the modern medicine meme of a Biopsy? Well, cutting open a mass will certainly release what is in it and allow those freed cells to circulate. If this a tumor, then this foolish technique has just made the situation worse. The Thermogram is a heat sensing procedure which detects and records changes in temperature signaling possible abnormal cell accumulation. Not accurate but improving, unlike the radioactive Mammogram, Thermograms do not use radiation and harmless to tissues. 

There is a condition called, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ or Intraductal Carcinoma or Pre-Breast Cancer, also called, Type zero cancer. This diagnosis is abnormal cells given the name Cancer cells that collect in the milk lobules but do not metastasize to other parts of the body including the Axillary nodes or Lymph nodes in the arm pit. If no treatment is done, 50% of the time, this abnormal cell line will grow and spread. So, the odds are about 50/50 that if you do nothing that all will be fine or not. Thermograms have been vilified by the FDA, Association of Radiologists(their profession and system that pays them), and the American Cancer Society. Hmm… anyone sensing fear of treatments better than the one previously accepted as the Gold standard ? 

What must be asked is why breast cancer is quite high in the United States and the Western world, low in Japan, the Asian countries, India, and Africa.? I refer you to Cancer documentaries by Ty and Charlene Bollinger, The Truth About Cancer(TTAC) and Eastern Medicine, and recently, The Answer to Cancer, by Revealed Films and Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Jeff Hays. As you know the Western medicine sickcare bag contains only 3 things in it. Less effective than a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench, they include Chemo drugs for poisoning, radiation for burning, and surgery for lopping it off, is how this Rockefeller investment cartel makes lots of money. What about health, you might be wondering? Western medicine has nothing to do with health but focused on profits which starts with the continual sales of drugs called medication or meds. 

What to do? Refuse and reject Mammograms for this conundrum of a Cancer diagnostic tool actually causes it. The first drug, medication, prescribed to combat breast cancer, is Tamoxifen, having a primary side affect of causing breast Cancer. Doesn’t this strike you as beyond stupid? A poisonous drug prescribed to cure breast Cancer and actually causing it? This is like feeding a Diabetic buckets of ice cream, Kroger cakes and pastries, loaves of Wonder bread, along with bags of Macdonald’s tasty poisonous Happy Meals conveniently received at the drive-up window. Will this Diabetic’s condition improve, or will a sugar coma be on his death certificate? Oops, in these lies as truth 2020 killer microbe fakery absurdity, it will be COVID printed as the cause of death. 

The Cancer cell line is naturally occurring, and you have them in your body circulating already. Balance, internal systems efficiently interacting and exchanging information thanks to the viruses and bacteria in us outnumbering our human cells a thousand to one, we were designed to be resilient because of our gut microbiome and tiniest of gut buddies regulating our genes. Cancer, therefore, is a collection of a parasitic cell line then called tumors and when they accumulate in a certain place in the body, a signal of imbalance and blocked communication and toxicity. Our protective immune army cannot identify them or rendered impotent by the poisons we put in us including vaccines, herbicides, insecticides, drugs given the socially appropriate name, medicine, and the excessive refined sugars and Wheat we gobble up. Compounded by inactivity, lack of adequate Vitamin D producing sunshine, consuming micro mineral deficient foods high in calories and low in nutrients, and excessive subclinical stress hormone Cortisol in our blood with Insulin insensitivity and high sugar levels, it isn’t a secret of why our bodies are getting sicker. Notice your peaceful sleep diminishing and you wakening increasingly tired, fatter, and sluggish, with chronic pain? 

There is another test called the, GRCC test or the Greek test that tells you the Cancers circulating in your blood. Another test, called, CRP, C Reactive Protein test, will tell you about your inflammatory state which is where dis-ease starts. It isn’t curious at all that when McDonald’s invaded Japan, that there was a steep rise in obesity, Diabetes, Cancers, and early onset dementia. Thinking logically, doesn’t it make sense when poisons and toxins are consistently around in the environment , used in the home, put on our bodies, and eaten in food, that illness will be the end result. Cancer inside of us is a common human feature and may never collect in any area as a tumor. Because of our increasingly toxic world, electromagnetic radiation powering our devices, herbicides and insecticides in our foods, 80% of antibiotics manufactured fed to the livestock that we then consume, and the unresolved stress of money making or slaving away to make ends meet corroding our organs, glands, blood and brain, it is clear that we are killing ourselves and greed driven. 

Seek out Natural and energy medicine healers like: Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Holistic healers, Ayurveda Practitioners, Chinese medicine experts, and Homeopaths for these healthcare purveyors understand that our miracle bodies were designed to self-heal and by clearing any blockages, that return to wellness and unconditional love will renew and restore. Want more help? Contact me at: This 8-month Coronavirus panic and economy destroyer? Time to get real and fight back against the powers of slavery and depopulation. Do not settle for being a peaceful and happy slave. If you do, you are already dead and so are your children. Fight if you want freedom!