Bioweapons or Biosafety: Engineering Viruses to be more Infective

The title to this article already sounds ominous and dark. Why would anyone or any group intentionally create or engineer viruses to be more infective and deadly to humans? Is it learning to enhance science, to create yet another ineffective and poisonous vaccine, or creating a Bioweapon or Biosafety protocol? 

Bioweapons expert Francis Boyle indicates that there are over 400 Biosafety Labs, Level III and IV, worldwide and another 200 in the United States. In these safety laboratories experimentation is done to manipulate microbes like viruses. The highest safety levels are the BSL IV of which there are 48 in the United States. 

The problem or one of the primary problems is that these pathogenic microbe study and research facilities are unregulated for actual safety protocol and procedures. In other words, scientists conduct experiments on naturally occurring viruses intent on engineering new ones and increasing their pathogenic infectivity or lethality. 

You heard that right, increasing their killing ability. 

Francis Boyle, a Harvard graduated law professor, and architect of the Bioweapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, cautions us that biologic weapons development have become consistent in the United States as over 120 billion dollars have been spent since the September 11, 2001 attack. His regulation applies globally for anyone involved in creating a biologic weapon is subject to lifetime imprisonment. 

Foolish and nonsensical as it may sound, scientists, researchers, lab staff, and visitors are exposed to the microbes spliced or recombined in the daily doing. So it is reasonable to assume that these engineered viruses could have escaped the lab, intentionally or unintentionally riding on the humans coming and going from the facility. 

Because the penalty for creating a biologic weapon is severe, scientists (13,000) in the US alone, experiment by mixing parts or recombining to come up with new strains. One might wonder the benefit of creating increasingly lethal viruses? Since 1973, new lethal viruses created outnumbered the plastic wrapped processed food junk finding their way to grocer shelves. 

Concerned experts like: Joe Mercola, Meryl Nass, Judy Mikovits, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sayer Ji, and Nobel winner, Luc Montagnier, all expressed consternation of inexplicable virus tampering for increased lethality. The perceived benefit? There doesn’t seem to be any unless the intention was to kill. 

In speeding new virus replication and increasing their strength it was found that transferring the viruses to different growth mediums was effective. This means that initially growing the viruses on Pangolin cells, then transferring them to Monkey kidney cells, then to rat brain, etc. made them grow faster and more virulent. 

What you must know is that the NIH paid the Wuhan Institute of Technology 7.4 million dollars to experiment on the Coronaviruses in Bats. Also located in Wuhan is a BSL IV where scientists from the University of North Carolina and Harvard converged to collaborate on viral fusion. Harvard Chemistry department chair, Charles Lieber, an expert in nanoscience was arrested in early 2020 for his connection to creating a more lethal and more easily dispersible virus. 

Evidence indicates that the SARS-COV-2 is an engineered virus as is the COVID-19. Most Coronaviruses are harmless but their engineered iterations capable of culling the masses. There is also mounting evidence that the bird flu, swine flu, HIV, SARS, MERS and COVID-19, are engineered viruses made more lethal to humans. 

So why aren’t these scientists who intentionally engineered these new viruses and their increased lethality put in jail for life? The indistinct gray area, turn the other way technique, and unregulated and unorganized attention used in the Bioweapon and Biosafety camps allow engineered viruses to leak out infecting the masses.

The here and now actuality is that an engineered virus is being used as a tool of fear, panic, economic decline and poverty, surveillance, and forcing the masses to be dependent on the government, as they abdicate their power to live afraid and in uncertainty. 

Time to step back and envision the end game or anticipated outcome. Who benefits most and why? Is the bully eugenicist Bill Gates Jr. vaccinating every human on Earth, sterilizing females in the poorest countries, and microchipping survivors for continual surveillance in an effort to contribute to our enslavement? 

For those choosing freedom, thriving, and designing their destinies, absolutely not! 

Calling it bioweapons or biosafety, the reality is virus engineering for making a more deadly microbe. More known authorities and experts in their respective fields are coming forward to express deep concern about multi billions of dollars being spent on intentionally modified viruses meant to weaken and kill humans. Understand that Anthony Fauci is leading the charge for increasing viral lethality as his CDC, Allergy and Infectious disease department was the one sending over the 7.4 million to China for continuing viral enhanced infectivity research. 

It appears that the ACE receptors in the Lungs are targeted, but armed with a healthy and robust Immune system even scientist engineered viruses are effectively thwarted and managed. Virologists and scientists know that viruses mutate quickly adapting to the conditions presented and quickly lose their infectivity. 

Those who have presumably succumbed to what is named COVID-19 is over estimated, test kits flawed, the CDC not requiring any test at all and those dying labelled as seems like or presumably from the Coronavirus, and with most with one or more other illnesses and taking numerous toxic inflammatory drugs. 

Be clear that the 1% corporate criminal elite is effectively engaging the 99% in a real life Hunger Games, human pitted against human. To win this rigged game, play to win, make your own rules, get accurate information, maintain hope and positive awareness, and create your destiny which allows your brethren to live theirs.