Green Acres, Mexico city 200 meters, and Authentic

Precious grace of being alive gets imprinted in audiences and reported in history pages now digital. Each, all, and everything human animals thought, felt, and did mirrors their modernity expressions. In 1965 a popular comedic television show called, Green acres, entertained us with New York city couple portrayal of, Oliver Wendall Douglas(Eddie Albert) , high powered lawyer, and his spoiled Penthouse fashion loving wife, Lisa(Eva Gabor) moving to Hooterville somewhere in the country. He tired of city life, the human rat race, and wanting a peaceful life working the land, living simply, and getting back to the beckoning Nature call. There, they befriended many, each with diverse personalities, interesting to intolerable, but great fun when watched on TV. The theme song was uplifting with the silent star a pig living next door that would wander in to watch TV, called, Arnold Ziffel. Arnold, went to school daily and carried his books in his mouth. The show lasted until 1971 and brought in other actors from the hit shows, Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction. All were cancelled about the same time since networks wanted to focus on city life. Farm living for Oliver was for him honest work while Mr. Haney, Trump like shyster who sold him the dilapidated property that no one wanted, after removing most of the usable appliances, rented them back at inflated prices. Though funny, the personality depictions we all possess and for many their primary traits. 

In the 1968 Olympics held In Mexico city, the 200 meter race was won by American Tommie Smith with teammate, John Carlos coming in third. Australian Peter Norman won the Silver. On the medal stand, both Smith and Carlos wore black socks and no shoes and black gloves, and badges, Olympic Project for Human rights. They made history by raising their black gloved fists with their heads bowed. Australian Norman in comradery with his fellow track competitors agreed to wear an OPHR badge. Olympic committee President, Avery Brundage, suspended Smith and Carlos from the Olympics as well as Peter Norman. Brundage was the Olympics committee President for the 1936 event held in Hitler Germany and allowed the Nazi salutes saying that was a National gesture and 32 years later, suspending black athletes, Smith and Carlos, for their single black gloved raised fists. Norman died in 2006 with Smith and Carlos pall bearers at the funeral. Smith and Carlos wanted to expose to the world the social and institutional discrimination put upon minorities especially Blacks who struggled mightily to get advanced education, higher paying jobs or jobs at all, and wrongly labelled as bad and a drag to society. Both played professional football briefly with Smith returning to school for a Masters degree and Carlos becoming a prominent minority advocate and being awarded with numerous honorary Doctorates. 

On September 5, 2020 in Churchill Downs, Kentucky, and zero spectators, jockey John Velazquez rode Authentic to victory. Prerace favorite, Tiz The Law, came in second and seemingly appropriate for the above the law criminal actions of those in authority who have put the world on lockdown. Outside the track protestors for and against minority inequality about police murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Michael Brown and all Blacks intentionally victimized by marauding militarized law enforcement tussled as horses and jockeys raced to empty stands. 

In 1969, New York Jets and Mets toppled longtime league juggernauts to capture football and baseball Gold winning the Super Bowl and World Series respectively. Jets flamboyant Mink coat wearing Quarterback, Joe Willy Namath predicted a Jets victory over league leading, 13-1, Baltimore colts and their legendary QB icon, Johnny Unitas. At Shea stadium, it was the Mets not Yankees in the World Series with burgeoning future Hall of Famer, Tom Seaver leading them to a series win. The Yankees with their story book history with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Reggie Jackson, and Derek Jeter, were displaced as New York’s best as the lowly upstart Mets strolled into the Series and won. Seaver, would play 20 seasons, win 311 games, strike out, 3640, and get elected into Cooperstown Hall of Fame, in 1992. He drew double headlines at his death in September 2020, having dementia and also an unreliable COVID diagnosis. 

The sixties saw the West Coast taken over by Flower power , free love Hippies culture, the 1969 headlines shared with Charles Manson and his murderous cult Family, a year prior USC star O J Simpson winning the Heisman trophy, doing commercials, and expecting to run all over the NFL, the Viet Nam war sinking the world into yet another Imperialism foray, Nixon caught with dirty hands, the Kennedy brothers murdered, MLK Jr. murdered, Queen making a name in Europe, and the Hollywood Hills attracting musical groups setting the foundation of what has evolved into our present. The seventies came and went as did perverted Jim Jones and his People’s Temple and sipping poisoned Kool Aid in Guyana, The Captain and Tennille, Neil Sedaka, Elton John, Jimmie Carter and Gerald Ford, and the start of the Rich Brooks dynasty in Oregon Duck football. 

This 2020 year is memorable for fear, lies, greed, and human sheeple generationally conditioned to obey without question, retreat into the safety of fear and staying there, casting aside their courage and critical thinking, and the major headlines of few topics alternating between fabricated fake COVID casualties(if any and if there is a killer microbe at all) and who will the best worst choice for President be. Both candidates have been documented to freely and intentionally grabbing breasts and female genitals, with Trump doing so on National TV and caught on film grabbing his daughter’s ass. So who will you vote for? Is none of the above a voting option? Is Tulsi Gabbert a viable choice? 

Irony , hypocrisy, depthless imagination and expansion of consciousness, intentional murder, torture, rape, theft, intimidation, and slavery, with intermittent episodes of love, compassion, and acceptance, describe the complexities of what is called Human. Most hide safely inside of cultist religious doctrines which require no thought , no critical thinking, no science, and abdication of will and self-love. Science, and what most don’t know, is the rhetoric of proving theories wrong, which stimulates curiosity and imagination, leading to other possibilities. All religions are set in unbreakable rules, untested and unchallenged, and meant for the cultist to obey not knowing the origins, concepts, and if these doctrines are factual and reproducible in Nature. 

Green Acres, has a catchy theme song, appealing and very opposite personalities in Lawyer turned farmer, Oliver, and big city Socialite turned small town Socialite, Lisa. Arnold Ziffel the cute TV watching school going piggy was more comedic glue and another scene stopper for the canned laughter. 

Besides Gates, Fauci, Bezos, Cook, Zuckerberg, the Pharmaceutical cartel, Medical and Military complexes, the Telecomm giants, the Agri businesses, and now the Biotech marauders furiously cobbling together poisonous vaccines soon to be mandated onto our brethren trapped in global prison, no one is laughing, most without savings, most stuck at home watching reruns of Green Acres, The X-Files, My Favorite Martian, All In The Family, and Married With Children, and slipping further into desperation, hopelessness, and helplessness. Solution can be found in old movies and TV shows, the diversity in what people say and do, what people eat and wear, and most importantly, what you want from your life and what you will do to ensure that it happens. Finance wise, Jim Rickards has strong sensible advice with journalist/researcher, and now Pod caster, Patrick Herbert filling you out on the history of the money supply and who is controlling it. Movies and TV shows of the historic times reflect what people are doing, what people want, and the diversity in personalities, reactions to events, personal habits, opinions, likes and dislikes, and who are on the opposite ends of extremes. Notice the richest, those in government, those elected by you, those running big businesses, those with small businesses or employees, sport teams and their coaches, and those competing at the highest of International levels like the Olympics and World Championships. 

Remember Secretariat and Ronnie Turcot and most recently, Authentic and John Velazquez? What about deceased EMT Breonna Taylor murdered by an invading police unit busting down her door and immediately discharging 22 rounds of hot metal bullets. Illegal police behavior but as she is buried they continue on as free people, able to legally murder anyone they choose. So , who is free and who is not? Do you live as you choose or as you were ordered to do? Is a microbe that can barely be seen under Electron microscopy a killer as the news channels falsely report? Did you know that the dreaded Polio has been around for over a Century and that it was better nutrition, better sanitation, more resident apartments and buildings, and more available healthcare leading to its diminished virility, and not a vaccine that caused less infections? Did you know that those getting the Polio, Whooping Cough, and Measles vaccines are contagious and infect others? The public is thusly misinformed because the unvaxxed should be panicked to be around the Vaxxed who are the true contagion. Like the irony of Oliver and Lisa moving from New York city to Hooterville and having piggy Arnold Ziffel as their neighbor, those vaccinated and choosing not will exist. In the future with more comprehensive reporting of actual facts, the major channels refusing the billions of pharmaceutical dollars spent on advertising, and Functional medicine doctors and Holistic practitioners redefining healthcare and not the sickcare as it is now, we can all breathe more easily for actual energy medicine is finally born. 

Secretariat and Authentic were bred to race and when too old to run fast, sold to breed and passing on their genes. Of course, horse racing is the entertainment of Kings or human delight. What happens to the older horse athlete when they can no longer run fast? Breeding then hanging around for death. What does your life look like? Are you still running, running but with worry , doubt, and fear, and uncertain of where you are running to? Unlike the race horse, the TV series, the competitive athlete, loyal employee, or the cultist brainwashed, you can immediately take a firm stand for yourself and for your family. TV shows get cancelled because when audience size goes down, their death is imminent. In your limited presence on Earth with a guaranteed death, you can choose to live as you want free from the herd ignorance and imposing upon you prison camp authoritarian measures of control and obedience. No matter the barrage of negative energy, physical, mental and emotional, nutritional, and economic terrorism, you must take a stand for truth, love, integrity, and what is right. The jailers can be vanquished but are you willing to pay the price?

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