Love & Marriage

Love and Marriage, taking turns on who’s the horse and carriage. This article is a change in tone of my previous postings but in the end relating to the fake and planned panic which seems the worst but actually an opportunity for massive growth, love, achievement, and fulfillment. There is a science to attraction and achievement and art to fulfillment. We humans are social beings, even those declaring and behaving the loner or seclusive recluse. Attraction is both visual, verbal, and spiritual. Old sayings that your Mom and Grandmother repeatedly recited to you, that you laughed and scoffed at, are actually true. Remember the ones: You can’t judge a book by its cover or beauty is inside and not on the outside? Because we are primarily visual beings and conditioned to the herd norm of what is attractive, really hot, drop dead gorgeous, short, fat and ugly, and worse, indifferent and forgettable, being judged harshly on appearance becomes self identification labels that follows the person for decades even if they radically change. All of you know what it feels like when singled out with a pithy unkind smirk or called derogatory names by peers. Self identification, starting at birth, allows one to contrast themselves from others and how they fit into the world. Remember your grade school years then transitioning to the hormone dripping teens where you were assigned the labels of hot and admired, dumpy and ignored, or indifferent invisible? There are multiple levels of love and connection, some romantic, a liking that could lead to friendship or courteous acquaintance, or just acknowledging someone else’s existence. So, what sparks your interest in another and how does this change you, or is it just a silent reminder of who you are and what you like? 

The science of attraction can be explained with the activation of the neurotransmitters and hormones, Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinephrine, GABA and Glutamate, Endorphin, Oxytocin, Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone. The magical human body in precise integration of all its many systems adhere to the survival Sympathetic fight, flight, freeze neural mechanism which releases stress hormones, Cortisol and Adrenaline from the tiny Adrenal glands(one fifth of an ounce) sitting quietly on both Kidneys. These hormones travel quickly to the CNS brain to alert the Pituitary and Hypothalamus of heightened alertness or danger. Now, the bilateral mid-brain Amygdalae are on high alert with blood rushing to these organs preparing you to escape, stay and fight, or remain paralyzed with fear. Ten thousand years ago this could mean encountering a Saber Tooth Tiger and deciding what of your 3 options to choose. In generations of advancing modernity since, the interpersonal socialization became increasingly emotion or feelings dominated. Dating, for example, is quite stressful because you have to place yourself into a vulnerable state, for most, and summon the courage to ask another to an intimate get together. The unknown or hoping for a positive response alert the Adrenals to secrete Cortisol and Adrenalin that quickens heart rate, increases perspiration, shunts blood away from the stomach and intestines, releases stored sugars into the blood for anticipated energy that might be needed,, and the flesh vessel quickly returning to balance with the response. If the response is the agreeable hopeful one, Endorphin will be released from the Pituitary, Dopamine and Glutamate let loose into interneuron pathways, and Oxytocin secreted from the Thalamus making this individual feel good. But what if the answer is a no and worse, a laugh and Ego crumbling response, are you kidding? 

The human animal is the most complex being, apex predator at least in the city and suburbs, can invent and innovate, maim, and murder, accept and understand, and love, which is Universal in all cultures. Becoming a couple, for the night or week, off and on, engagement with multiple partners, for a lifetime, or regulated to certain groups like Incel(involuntarily celibate), or guys totally rejected by females, show the diversity in interests, imprinted societal expectations, personal view of the world, expression of the self or identity chosen, and how mutually agreeable interactions unfold. Love, is powerful, indescribable, dominate body systems regulation, influence the types of thoughts focused on, can cement one’s view of themselves, and energetically flow in the invisible zone of what the person feels. What if you don’t feel love from others, don’t feel love for yourself, or don’t feel the God love you bathe in daily? I would imagine that this despot is dark and desperate, hopeless, draining with low energy, and painful aloneness separating you with fortified emotional walls of solitary imprisonment. Unknown to you is that you already possess unlimited love inside your unique one of a kind being, surrounded by love generated air that you breathe, the water you drink, and the Nature that accepts you unconditionally. When you feel rejection from others, you place your happiness on someone else’s beliefs and inner environment that dictates their world view with you an object in it. In other words, you cannot control how they choose to feel, think, believe, or what they do. You can only control your own thoughts by focusing on the ones you want, how you feel about yourself, others, and the events happening, and how you decide to relate and honor the energetic Intelligence who put you here. You are swimming in love and married to the Universal energy called Divine love and up to you to discover your purpose, live it, and developing yourself in the process. 

In the different ethnicities and cultures, are rituals and routines, beliefs on God or Gods, expectations, and rules to follow. Interestingly, when put into smothering religious concrete, the rules get broken often and forgiveness and repentance the circulatory cycle resembling the helical DNA. The ubiquity in all people, Nature, Universal laws including every second, 24/7 , Gravity is that , love is the constant with anti love , hate, and anger, eventually succumbing to the love power. Within the robustness of self-love is the ascendance to unconditional love. This means placing the undefinable feeling and being of love as the only lens that one views the world through. Like the accepting and patient, Nature, expressing her love with systematic regeneration of dying into life, the circular life/death progression is love driven. 

For humans, the construct of marriage is a legal contract, expected, or a conditioned ritual representing unity within the village. Once again, we have choices and interpretations expressing our uniqueness that make us complex and not Stepford complicit. Few experience enlightenment and cosmically travel the path to unconditional love, accepting it as the only and highest truth. My friend and co-host of our YouTube, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine show, Patrick Herbert, experienced the transformative life changing event and celebrates the inner vision to the invisible by wearing a shirt, I love my awesome wife, daily and proudly on air. The couple can be seen in Houston walking around with their daughter, Alesia, with wife, Rachelle, proudly wearing her, I love my awesome husband shirt. Choosing factual science and truth, the couple reject ignorance and faulty governmental politics and refuse to wear Oxygen depriving face masks and Creatures from the Hills, goggles in compliance to the enslavement tactics which have destroyed both global and National economies. Can you see how the Rockefeller/Rothschild global corporate financial Cabal, cowardly Federal government and slimy politicians, and criminals Gates and Fauci, collectively known as Gauci, have intentionally splintered our worldwide presence with anti love and instead instilling continuous fear mongering with the intent of absolute control and your obedient peaceful slavery? Make no mistake that you are a slave believing that a family of microbes can conquer you and neutralize your powerful immune army that has made your ancestors resilient and allowed your lineage to get through the Black Plague, birdie and piggy Flu, and yearly viral mutations called Influenza. The enslavement powers are not love driven but choose slavery and depopulation embodied in the Trojan Horse called a COVID vaccine and dozens of toxic drugs that will kill us but make the Pharmaceutical industry Trillions of dollars. 

In marriage, legal contract, or a document of a spiritual love bond there will be a back and forth of who is the pulling horse, or the carriage pulled. Each partner will assume different roles as age, injury, financial setbacks, and interests change. Love also changes for most because the indescribable energy also keeps expanding and growing. 

I conclude with my own personal story and my awesome wife, Debra. After my car accident and after getting shot in the head which destroyed both eyeballs, causing extensive skull and brain damage, nearly blowing off my tongue which had to be stitched back on, facial and lip paralysis, and the hole in my Palate filled in, it took over a year to learn how to walk and to talk, and get used to my new life without vision, totally broke, nearly homeless , no cars, and savings gone. So, while I went off to blind school, Debra opened two businesses, a waterfront cafe and catering company, and delivering papers in the early morning. According to her the obstacles were great but there was but one option and whatever it took to care for the children, both our Mother’s, and to be housed and fed. A radical change in roles, one becoming the new leader and family unit glue and the other, me, getting used to being pulled as I found my Soul purpose disguised in the visionless life. Cosmic irony, I call it an open door, I now live my greatest life, mentor people Internationally, have a radio talk show, Be The Change, on the Pyramid One network that feeds to 138 countries, a YouTube show, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine with co-host, researcher/journalist, Patrick Herbert, and increasingly popular Blog. Like anything in this thing called life, death and unknown events share the same timeline and the quality of the life lived defined by the worst that happens and how you grow from it. The innocent Coronavirus(a family of 150 similar but very different microbes, have been mislabeled and weaponized by the Cabal and sock puppet front men, Gauci, to force us into lock down confinement, loss of most of our finances, forced to wear foolish masks and now proposing goofy goggles, staying 72 inches apart except while shopping at Costco, Walmart, Target, seeing your doctor, or getting a massage, and spreading more of this negative propaganda lies with illness and death statistics that are 90.24% inflated. 

How is your marriage and relationships with your children going? Are you part of the 8,000% increase of those calling the Suicide hotline? Are you dulling the pain of being stuck at home and anxious about the Gates Gang forcing you to get injected with the poisonous COVID vaccine cocktail but running out of money for the booze and illicit drugs that help you escape? Isn’t it time to listen to your intuition and trust in yourself? The Cabal, criminal Gauci, the spineless bungling disaster called the President, are preventing you from your best life as global residents living with freedom and the human right to design your destiny. Love and marriage represent every spectrum of life and when the love energy is unconditional, all that is good will squash the legions of bad. Know that the Evil Empire or Cabal are deathly afraid that we the 99% will finally catch on that their only weapon is fear propaganda and that if we united in a solid wall of love, that they will be crushed and dismantled. Let us give love and marriage a chance and proceed boldly forward and win back our freedom.

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