Trulicity, Emgality, and Talz

Trulicity, Emgality, Talz, might, possibly, maybe, decrease symptoms, but will definitely kill you.

All the clever and catchy names are drugs that are injectable and meant for Diabetes, Migraine headaches, and psoriasis and joint pain, respectively.

The advertisements are kind of, sort of, descriptive and by law forcing the manufacturer to list possible side affects. Some include: swelling of face, tongue, throat, and Intestines, gut pain and bloating, increase in Diarrhea and constipation, brain fog and forgetfulness, Diabetes, Migraines, and skin rashes, which these drugs were meant to resolve, heart attack, breathing difficulty, Stroke, and Cancer.

The ad goes on to encourage you to contact your doctor if you get ill, which means to call the pill for an ill prescriber if you get worse and what to do when you get a heart attack, Cancer, or symptoms you haven’t had before. You are also given the added safety benefit of calling: 1.800.FDA.1088. 

Since the early 1900’s, our humanity has been sold the idea that drugs relieve discomfort symptoms, not a cure, but lessening the symptoms. The drug companies needed a sales force to peddle or sell the drugs, just like Kirby vacuums, Avon calling, and Scientology, so Medical schools were invented, replacing schools of Chiropractic and Naturopathy.

Initially the invention of the Rockefeller’s and Carnegie’s, the pharmaceutical industrial cartel is now a 1.2 trillion dollar mega industry. The business concept was brilliant for when a health authority (the person wearing the powerful white coat with MD stitched above the left pocket) told you that there was a pill for your ill and you needed it to get better, you were excitedly coerced to believing that drugs were your only option.

Next came a health agency, FDA, created to protect the public with the highest standards of science and research to ensure that all drugs were deemed safe for consumers. Alas, the FDA, has become the paid shill for the drug cartel, science , ethics, and morality thrown out, like the baby and the bath water, and you the innocent public degraded to lab experiments. 

Do drugs help to promote health? Be clear that prescribed pharmaceuticals, those deemed illicit, plants, spices, and herbs, can be beneficial but the primary conviction being the Hippocrates postulate, make food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.

Like anything, plant medicine is used with knowledge passed on by ancestral wisdom learned by Shamans, Clergy, tribal medicine men, alchemists, and the village plant and spirit expert. judiciously necessary, especially in emergencies or when epigenetic expressions of certain genes create unwanted symptoms of discomfort, medicines could help restore our internal balance or symbiosis. Because the drug industry is loosely regulated, greed and profit driven, public laziness and hypocritical stupidity has allowed them (including the CDC, NIH, EPA, USDA, FTC) to run untethered, making massive profits by selling drugs themselves that we hungrily purchase.

Conflict of interest? Illegal? Morality and Ethics redefined as poisoning for profit? The United States and New Zealand, are the only countries who allow drug ads on television and the news medias. Sadly, the revenues from the drug ads make the mainstream news outlets billions richer forcing previous, thought to be at one time, Journalists to become mouth pieces for one sided reporting deaf to actual truth. 

Would you sprinkle Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, mutated Monkey virus, GMO’s, mutated fetal cells and Squalene on your Organic salad, grass fed steak, or wild caught salmon? Sounds gross and detestable but did you know that the mentioned are components in Vaccines that you force into your children, seniors, and pregnant females? Hemp, Marijuana, Pot, Cannabis, is curiously on the Class I list of poisons to humans.

Thanks, in recent memory, to Bill Clinton, advocate for adultery and a Jeff Epstein buddy, and who smoked Marijuana as a youth, but didn’t inhale, an historical medicinal plant is now only being recognized as a cure for numerous maladies without side effects. The negative conditioning of our species toward plant medicine, Organic food as medicine, and meditation and positive thinking adjuncts for optimal wellness, has given power to pill for an ill ideology and the prowess and superiority of the White coats. This is why, lab made chemicals called: Trulicity, Emgality, Talz, Prilosec, Embrel, Tylenol, Advil, Prozac, Asaffects, and all the rest and the ones you take daily, have become engrained in your lifestyle because of effective brainwashing or your station as a devoted thought devoid cult member.

Most of you will vehemently reject my accusation that you are a brainwashed cultist, but what drugs are you taking and how long will it be until you are cured? Our highest court specifically states that vaccines are unsafe yet doctors, medical agencies, Federal and State governments declare that all must be vaccinated or suffer punishment for not being poisoned.

Isn’t it saddening and comically ironic that the meme, FDA approved, actually means, take the poison, you will probably get sick, and we profit from your drug caused sickness? We could all harmonize with the Mary Poppins: A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way. Sweetening poison doesn’t make it less poisonous but easier to take. Talcum for decades became household for babies and feminine feeling good, only to realize that it caused Ovarian cancer and Mesothelioma.

Weed killer, Roundup, causes cancers, which Monsanto and Bayer already knew for decades, but sold it anyway intentionally fibbing that it does not. Bayer has agreed to set aside over 10 billion dollars for the thousands suing them for getting Cancer by handling the Roundup poison. If the chemical does not cause Cancer as Bayer and Monsanto decry, as well as other health problems, then why is this global company compensating many for getting cancer? The bigger picture is that over 85% of your food from the grocery stores are slimed with Glyphosate containing Roundup weed killer with you accumulating this Cancer causing poison. Factory farming feeds cattle, chicken, and pigs, corn and soy dripping Glyphosate, and these valued protein sources rushed to market for you to eat and to feed your children.

Will Bayer not produce the poison anymore thusly preventing it from being on store shelves? No, it is business as usual, for the profits for selling poison to humans is much too lucrative. They would rather make trillions of dollars and dole out scant billions to those who get Cancer from handling their product. 

Time to be your own doctor and learn what is in the substances that you put on and into your body. Doctors memorize what pill goes with what set of symptoms, an insurance billing protocol, satisfying your conditioned want for the tiny morsel you believe will cure you. Well, has it worked? How much longer must you take the drug until you are cured? Are the side affects: brain damage, Cancer, heart attack, organ and glandular inflammation, chronic pain and chronic fatigue, infertility, constipation and diarrhea, bloating and intense pain, worth it as you proceed toward optimal wellness? Seems nonsensical and you continuing on as the Stepford automaton you were trained to be.

Isn’t it time to take control over your life with actual factual information?

This is a crucial decision because if you still believe that this COVID is real and deadly, you are sadly still a brainwashed cultist primed for sterilization, factory work, and depopulation. Let your anxiety, curiosity, and fear motivate you to behavior change. This means to take a chance and explore alternate medias like: YouTube show, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine, Be The Change show on Pyramid One,, Joe Mercola, Children’s Health Defense, Jeremy Hammond, National Vaccine Information Center, Meryl Nass, Thomas Cowan, Judy Mikovits, Zach Bush, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Tom O’Bryan, Patrick Gentempo, Dietrich Klinghardt, and Stephen Gundry. 

Have you noticed that a new job called, Physician’s Assistant has been created to speed prescriptions getting to you without the doctor being present? Isn’t the reason that you took the time to make an appointment with a qualified healthcare provider, to explain your ill symptoms and permanent solutions for them? What if getting more restful sleep, having more sex, thinking more positive thoughts, getting more physical activity, eating more plants, and giving to others and the community, cured your ailments? As a real doctor, this would be my initial prescription for you. Diversity is our ultimate gift from the Source and we react and respond differently to outside world events and how we adapt to toxins, chemical and emotional.

Trulicity doesn’t cure Diabetes, but eating Organic plants, exercising, thinking and sharing peaceful thoughts will get you farther. Emgality, will not cure your Migraine headaches but eating Organic plants, exercising, thinking and sharing good thoughts, will get you farther.

Talz, will not cure your psoriasis or arthritis but eating Organic, exercising, thinking and sharing good thoughts, will heal and allow your body to assess and right the imbalance. Learning is most effective with repetition or by intensive emotional or physical trauma, experienced or observed.

Generation after generation combined with advancing technology has allowed information to get to us quickly with credibility of the information unknown or lazily accepted by us. Ignoring the cognitive dissonance or falseness of what was reported repeatedly, which is effective conditioning, muffles the wrong or lies of what manufacturers or the Empire is feeding us. 

Use this CV19 fake crisis as a wake up alarm for you are enslaved in lock down, wearing masks making you the lonesome ranger, staying 72 inches apart(how can you tell?), and you going broke and forced to depend on the government for your trickle down crumbs. If you are tired of groveling and living the expected herd life, devoid of thought and imagination, take a stand for yourself and your family. Are you living the life that you would most love to live?

Take this fake pandemic and make it your harbinger for your greatest life. Take control and do your own research. Ask lots of questions. Talk to many different from you and who live differently from you. Truth rises to the top when diversity, inside of you and in the without, converge and explode the goodness it was designed to teach you.