Psycho-neuro-immunology basics. The words: mind, body, stress, have been over used and diluted when they are the basis of our existence. The mind works through the brain but exists outside of it in the Biofield which encircles us, the body the vessel allowing us to experience our place in the world, and extreme unresolved stresses modifying our genes, emotions, Sympathetic, Parasympathetic nervous systems, Vagus nerve functioning, and immunology. Stop to take time to admire and marvel at the miracle called your body. Many different parts but each with primary and secondary duties, innate knowledge of what to do, and all designed to interact with the other systems bringing the Holobiome(your being) back to symbiotic balance. Stress, fear, uncertainty, trigger the Sympathetic system, fight or flight, by shunting blood away from the digestive organs directing the life fluid to the extremities for a physical response. Mind and body operate as one as stresses alert the mid-brain bilateral Amygdalae(the fear sensors) while coherently and simultaneously communicating with the Adrenals(secreting Adrenaline and Cortisol), the Pituitary(master gland contacting all the others), Hypothalamus for memory retrieval and action, and the Prefrontal cortex for assessment of the situation and decision making of what to do. 

In our earliest history, Saber Tooth Tigers did exist and considered the weaponless human a good meal. As soon as we noticed their presence and proximity we automatically used our cosmic gift of deciding to stay and fight or run. The third option somewhere between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic(rest, digest, renew, detoxify) is to freeze and accept the fate about to befall. Our genetic blueprint is a map of who we are as a species with each gene(about 20,000 of them according to the Human Genome Project) producing the 100,000 proteins that make us and each genetic segment possibly mutated because of extreme unresolved stress. Working as one, the mind and body moved by stress or high emotion prepared the flesh vessel for a physical response which would dissipate the Cortisol and Adrenaline, which speeds heart rate, increased alertness as blood flood stress sensors, Limbic and Mesolimbic(reward pathway important in addiction)system, and decision maker, Prefrontal cortex. The gut microbiome with 80% of the immune system contained In it, endures through a shut off blood supply and slows its functioning with the hundreds of trillions of nonhuman gut buddies(viruses, bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts, Molds, and Parasites) sensing the stress, excreting waste in response to the fear and these LPS’s(Lipopolysaccharides), bacterial poop escaping past the Enteric single cell layer lining the 25 foot long gut tube. Parasites and the other nonhuman commensal neighbors will sense the stress blow horn and react with waste elimination, red alert vibrated to The neighboring cells, and causing genetic mutations. stress, especially if extreme and unresolved by the physical reaction of the extremities now blood rich, will allow the inflammatory hormones, Cortisol and Adrenaline to linger, releasing stored sugar which alerts the Pancreas to unload large amounts of Insulin. The Sympathetic, therefore, is a survival built-in biochemical and energetic system using movement to fight or flee which neutralizes the Adrenal inflammatory hormones. Intestinal permeability or the one cell layer Enteric tight junctions inflaming and allowing the contained food macromolecules, our nonhuman microbes, and microbial poop to escape into circulation sets in motion autoimmune dis-ease. Remember that 80% of our immune system is in the gut and designed to sense invasion, attack and kill intruders, and working with the brain and biofield mind to preserve the wellness of the human host. 

High Emotions and unresolved stresses will mutate our genetic blueprint which is passed along to future generations. Dr. Ben Lynch calls them dirty genes for if our ancestors chose a quick to react stress style, then this behavior mutating the genes to reflect the emotional acceptance and teaching the body to react in kind. An example are those quick to react to bad news, become enraged by seeing what they have distinct views on, made angry by hearing things outside of their beliefs, and seeking the like minded(law of Attraction) to gain comfort surrounded by those with similar thinking. In utero and early childhood, both conscious and subconscious minds develop with experiences and observations as well as the chemical messengers received from the Mother, and unfortunately the hundreds of toxins passed on by her through the Placenta and breast milk. That said, Placenta stress and degradation alerts the Mom that the birth is happening and that breast milk is the best source of nutrients, high in good fats and best source for energy production, immunity strengthener, brain developer, and path to optimal physical and intellectual functioning. Toxicants getting inside us is unavoidable and sadly a gift to our children that we cannot do anything about. More on this topic in other postings for detoxification our bodies already do but more strategies are needed for the steep rise of poisons in the environment that find their way inside of us. 

Unresolved emotional stresses become biochemical and affect the DNA of our human and nonhuman cells and thusly modifying our genetic blueprint which is then passed on. Bacteria follow a metabolic energy making system, also exchanging information from other bacteria and all microbes, called the, Shikimate pathway, a series of 7 enzymatic steps. This, you might be thinking, is nonhuman but the Shikimic system produces precursor substances that become neurotransmitters in the brain. Ironically, 90% of Serotonin in our bodies is located in our gut as is Dopamine, Norepinephrine and most of the other neurochemicals allowing us to feel and emote. In 1991 it was discovered that there were 40,000 neurites or brain cells located in our hearts. This means that our heart can think and feel. The Vagus nerve, Cranial nerve 10, is the passion nerve which starts in the brain and winding down through the throat, Lungs, Kidneys and internal organs, intestines, and Colon. This long wandering nerve is bidirectional for it sends information afar and receives information back from the outskirts. Recently, proposed is Polyvagal theory which lends support to the freeze mechanism and also seen contemporarily in our youth. Noted behavior in youth for the past twenty years is of indifference, muted responses or no response at all, and distancing from self-love, accepting the purposeless and dispassionate state. We have learned and been moved by either pain or pleasure and extreme stresses which have also taught the tiniest structures in us to react with inflammation which has led to escalating autoimmune dis-eases and we forced into pill for an ill Rockefeller Western medicine. Our present is of high technological advancement, indiscriminate misuse of electromagnetic radiation and Y Fi, continual poisoning by the Plasticizer BPA, corn sugar and artificial sweeteners in the plastic wrapped Frankensubstances, Roundup herbicide in 80% of our foods especially in animal protein, and now a Global fear campaign orchestrated by the Elite 1% to further our enslavement by soon to be mandatory vaccination. 

Our species have been educated in brands of psychology of the different historical eras which have been converted into neural learning, which is synonymous to immunological learning, resulting in gene mutation by epigenetics. Niki Gratrix( is a health innovator and believer that biology and our genetic blueprint can be changed with awareness of the toxicity of negative emotions and how this changes our immune responses and genes. She stands firmly on the ACE(adverse childhood events) research which indicates that 67% reporting one or more childhood traumas were more likely to get one or more autoimmune dis-eases, had continual bouts of depressing mood, unexpected Bipolar reactions, Schizophrenia symptoms, digestion dysfunction like constipation(common in children in the Autism Spectrum), more food allergies and Asthma, and debilitating anxiety. Based on the Dr. Lynch, dirty genes, inherited from past generations, provide the reason why we react to different stimuli and events as we do accompanied with organ and gland, hormone, digestive, and immune dysfunction. Often traumas lie hidden outside of awareness but can be identified by analyzing the same reactions to certain interactions and interpersonal transactions. What we know now is that consistent emotional states, become traits, then the core of identities. 

Solution for the life where you can change and control your emotional responses to events and topics, eliminate electric interferences, decrease inflammation silencing any autoimmune dis-ease, improve digestion and nutrient absorption, and heal both gut microbiome and CNS brain, is calm retrospective self-assessment, focusing on why you feel as you do on certain subjects and changing the response, and just being open to change. As you can appreciate, our body, brain, gut, mind, and what is beyond the mind is a cosmic enlightened energy gift. However, with attention and awareness, willingness to be open, willingness to change, and choosing love not fear and rejecting anti-love thoughts, words, and feelings, you can successfully reprogram your genes, your biology, and your view of the outer world. Practices like: Yoga, Pilates, tapping, Tai Chi, Che Gung, breathing meditation, imagination expansion, and transforming what seems the worst into the best, arms you with optimal wellness tools and directives. And yes, you can change your genes with the many epigenetic practices, more used daily, the better. One effective psycho-neuro-immunological change strategy is to rite down the name of someone who you don’t like and even despise. Separate the paper in half and on the first column write down 5 things that you dislike about this person. The second column is for all the things that you like and admire about this person. Go over each and what you will find is that all ten items you had written on what you disliked and liked about this person is your deepest most feelings of how you feel about yourself. If some of the responses do not match you, take time to understand why. From the smallest Neutrino, Boson, and Fermion, to viruses, bacteria, Fungi, Mold, Yeasts, and parasites, trillions in all of us, cells and tissues, gut tube, and the Universal disposition of each human wanting to be happy, we are all the same. When you raise your energy, commit to unconditional love, see the hidden good in the worst then unbounded gratitude by adopting the Nature view that there is no bad but only what is, and become the energetic Universal vibration, you take your place in the God zone where prosperity, growth, grace, and optimal wellness is who you are. Recognizing energy or electricity blockages and unblocking them can turn a food sensitivity into a food favorite, the enzymes and Probiotics needed for digestion unlocked and available, and that a negative attachment to hatred, anger, criticism, jealousy, envy, guilt, shame, and blame can become your life and negatively impact your bodily functioning. Change your attitudes and beliefs and your genes will change, and become who you want to be.