From the Orphan Train to the Streetcar named Despair

This article reminds you of the best and worst of what humans do. 

Technology always advancing, good accompanying the problems of convenience, trains were mass transit for many to newly settled areas in nineteenth century United States with eventually streetcars getting city dwellers around locally. The mid 1800’s were times of continual uncontrolled immigration with cities on the East coast, especially New York, growing quickly with crowded tenements, not enough jobs, burgeoning inexperienced local government and law enforcement, with orphaned and abandoned children steeply rising without adequate solutions. Protestant minister, Charles Loring Brace stepped up and in 1853 created the Children’s Aid Society of New York (CAS) intent in housing and feeding orphaned and abandoned children while educating them in necessary academics and Christianity. The CAS placed the children initially in warm and inviting homes in nearby rural New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. As the New York population exploded with immigrants wanting better lives and the freedom to do so, there were an estimated 30,000 orphaned and abandoned children needing life saving assistance, keeping many of them off the streets, away from criminal gangs, and out of jail with the adults. Reverend Brace thought that children should be in families instead of institutions and speculated that those settling the West could use the youth for developing the newly acquired property and becoming part of the family. He got the word out and was contacted by many looking for certain types of children and they basically ordering catalog style. The limited CAS staff did as much background research as possible to ensure as best as they could that the children went to good families though the system failed often. 

In October 1854, three dozen children with a few CAS staffers travelled by train Westward with many uniting with their new families in Michigan and the remaining heading to the next stop in Iowa. This system founded on benevolence has been also described as auctioning cattle and livestock as the kids not previously chosen being placed on a platform so they could be examined, poked and prodded by interested buyers and where the term, put up for adoption originated. Some of the kids sang songs and danced to be more appealing hoping to be chosen. The Orphan Train ran from 1854 to 1929 and placed an estimated 250,000 children. Loring Brace defined a successful life as one benefitting society and doing well for the community. In a Survey sent to those taking in the Orphan Train kids, 87% indicated that the children had met the minister’s definition of success, with two becoming the Governors of Illinois and territory of Alaska respectively. The other 13% had either returned to New York, died, or gone to jail. The vision and actions of Charles Loring Brace led to the modern day Foster Care system and child health and welfare laws. By the 1920’s, cities like Chicago, St. Louis, and Cleveland had sprouted as New York city had done and now experiencing their own orphaned, abandoned, and abused children. 

In the early 1900’s and succeeding the Standard Oil monopoly breakup, remorseless sycophant psychopath, John D. Rockefeller reinventing his do anything to get rich and inhumane treatment of others self, started giving out dimes to the public, creating the Rockefeller Foundation shill nonprofit disguising his money making intentions, and putting into motion the Pharmaceutical Industrial complex while funding medical schools and grooming the soon to be doctors as drug salesmen. The antithesis of compassionate heart driven, Charles Loring Brace and the Children’s Aid Society, Rockefeller and family along with European banking barons, Rothschilds, melded into what is known as the Empire, Corporate Elite 1%, Illuminati, Cabal, or modern day Slave Masters. 

Fast forward about 100 years, and the world is sharing the stage as Cabal economic and psychological prisoners, made terrified by a weaponized microbe called Coronavirus. As the Orphan Train represented something good and speeding the tracks toward joy and prosperity, the Cabal streetcar named Despair, has the masses locked down, social distanced, broke, unemployed, and bankrupt, dependent upon the Federal government and brainwashed to anxious anticipation of the toxic chemical cocktail cure called vaccine. Curiously, few know or believe that the Rockefeller/Rothschild global Empire controls the International money supply and proceeding confidently as psychological brainwashing Gurus. 

Disguised Evil in plain sight are the conductors of the Despair streetcar, eugenics head Vaxxer Bully Bill Gates and devoted minion, Anthony Fauci, skillfully stealing 500 million from obedient tax payers to fund the Gates vaccination poisoning of the world. Grabbing the headlines and public attention keeping the Cabal nestled in background anonymity, The Gates/Fauci duo I call, Gauci, have quickly become the Ministers of the global brainwashed dumbed down cult of fearful shallow thinkers. Now early August 2020, Racist/misogynist, Cabal front man, bungling Joe Biden is in specious competition with fellow bungling racist/misogynist disaster, orange hued Donald Trump for the Presidency. There is no box to check for, None of the above. 

Always unknowingly devoted to the God law of, two sides, the invading European White Christian settler immigrants travelled Westward, stole the land and murdered the Native First People who were there first. Even the Brace actions didn’t work well for all the kids as many were abused, tortured, and killed. Is Trump, Biden, Gates, Fauci, Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Soros, evil and bad all of the time? Only they would know and their self perception the spinning compass, cracked with water damage, keeping them unconscious to anything of the normalcy of diversity and unlimited power of unconditional love. The Orphan Train did more good than not, gave hundreds of thousands of kids the chance for great lives lived, expanding new families to grow with, and seeding succeeding generations of people meant to be here. The Streetcar named Despair, more powerful than the Brando, Stanley character, is on course and on route to engrained fear founded sterilization, poverty, depressed mood and hopelessness, feeling helpless, and inevitably, depopulation. 

In 1800, the world population finally reached one billion, now 7.8 billion, and if the Gauchi dismantling duo succeed, the global population will be 500 million peaceful dumbed down slaves accepting and awaiting termination like rats in a trap. Cabal and Gauchi cultist domination cannot be exorcised but confronted when the masses unite and collectively shout: No more , we are unafraid, and we will fight for our freedom!

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