Are you a Karen?

I guess the name, Karen, on the Social medias means, entitled, arrogant, girl. Are you one? And how did this name get chosen and not, Sally, Catherine, Susan, Dorothy, Kimberly, Virginia, or Elizabeth? 

A human being is a complex entity comprised of eternal spirit and sometimes not, with the flesh vessel housing. We were given the gifts of emotion and feeling, physical movement, decision making, interpreting the social landscape including what was not said, and imagining what is invisible and misinterpreting truth. We were also given the power of deciding and choosing, unique to each person belief pattern, and emotional attachments to those beliefs. 

Georgia police officer, Stacy Talbert, became headline news as she recorded her feelings while awaiting her meal in the drive through at a McDonald’s near her home at the end of her shift. Misinterpretation or interpretations of her video arise from primarily the political minded, their thoughts founded on their own views of how the world should work, and outside of awareness, patterns of restrictive beliefs. Amidst the heightened emotions with the George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, and Rayshard Brooks murders combining with the stressful C19 fake pandemonium, the police army is thrust into the spotlight as all powerful domineering arbiters of the law including misuse of that power. 

Called Happy Meal Cop or Molly McMuffin, Officer Talbert, reflected on her 15 year career as part of law enforcement. She wanted to protect and serve, the original intention of what it meant to be police, and now smacked with public enmity of the common and ignored negative treatment of Blacks. Her stress, compounded and magnified by eating poisonous McDonald’s Franken foods, clashed with her interest and dedication to community safety and justice. She said that the public losing trust in the police including herself, made her feel the sting of disenfranchisement, not trust worthy, undependable, and acting with injustice and impunity. 

Folks, Officer Stacy Talbert seems to be a dedicated protect and serve police person and committed to fairness and safety. She doesn’t fit the Social media definition of a Karen. Others in police departments Nationally like Derek Chauvin and Garrett Rolfe behaved the antagonist to fairness and justice, flexing their antisocial psychopathic beliefs using a badge and gun. Can the proletariat public, us, interact in harmony, fairness, and justice, without a tax paid for, police force? 

Remember that the Empire, Cabal, Shadow government, Illuminati, or 1% Corporate Criminal Elite, require a police force to enact their control over the 99% enslaved herd. criminal henchmen, the intellectual and corporate policy evil Royalty, Bill Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Presidents, Billionaires, the deceased Jeff Epstein, all use police to ensure their intentions becoming your laws that benefit them, not you. Jeff Epstein was a pervert Pedophile like many of the world’s richest and unfortunately for him, was caught. 

The Clinton’s and infamous maimer and depopulator, Bully Bill Gates III have been to Epstein island partying with the headline child molesting celebrity. Because of his money riches, decades and millions spent on his rebranding as a Philanthropist Humanitarian and global public health guru, Bully ‘Bill does his own depopulating Eugenic flexing by coercing governments to agreeing to mandatory vaccination and micro chipping humans for surveillance, data collection, and electric reprogramming of the remaining imprisoned enslaved. 

Well, Officer Stacy Talbert is not a Karen but is eugenic Bully Bill III the male representative of Karen? What about Zuckerberg and Trump? Is it the new norm to call entitled and arrogant eugenic males, Bully Bill? Lots to think about in this article and do take a listen to the New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine show on YouTube, featuring Waking Times creator, Dylan Charles. I learned that he is a master in personal development, spiritual awareness and growth, and fierce advocate for truth and one’s highest ascendance to becoming their best selves, happy and always growing. 

Let me know when you use the names, Karen and bill, for their arrogant elite meanings. Actually (dramatic pause), aren’t we all, Karen and Bully Bill, at times? Once you recognize that no matter who you think that you are, that there is no difference between you and anyone else. The only perceptible variance is if you are spirited, spiritless, or spirit asleep, and the behavior you decide on. Hitler is remembered for his actions and how he taught his Nazi’s to act. Trump would be entertaining except that his uncontrolled emotional outbursts, self-centered convictions, disdain for poor people and minorities, makes him dangerous and liaison to destruction. Take this historic time, seemingly the worst and worsening, and find hidden in it, many and massive opportunities for abundant transformation. 

This starts individually by honestly assessing our thoughts, beliefs, the emotions we attach to certain events, and how we behave and what we do. We act when we want prompted by what we believe. In this expanding turmoil, it is time to depend upon ourselves and not the government, the corrupt politicians who run it, the corrupt criminal elite behind them, and collective police force infected with gun toting sociopaths. Peaceful unity driven actions will protect us from the fake viral virulence and inviting all cultures to amend, unite, and imagine a world that works for everyone, leaving no one behind. Can it be done, leaving no one out? Yes it can when the only option is: creating a world that works for everyone, leaving no one behind. 

Politicians are unnecessary and moribund for extreme left or right, or the Trump, me, myself, only me, myself exclusively and only me, will not create good but rather Universal strife and decay. Let us recognize this opportunity cloaked in fear for a feckless microbe, racial unrest, victim role conditioning, and police state acceptance, to one of dangerous freedom and possibility. You are free to feel like a Karen or Bully Bill, but when you decide to give, forgive, and love, then you feel and behave your highest self and highest expression. 

This historic challenge is the biggest but this bad and fast decline, is also a magical glimpse into what can be when we unite with our differences, diversity of all and everything, melding into the health, wealth, and happiness that we deserve. So get over yourself and strive to become your best self aligned to your highest truth. As we all ascend and grow, our inside world expands radically with the outside world harmonious, Universal, and all of us connected to Nature and the Source who put us here. 

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