Good & Evil: Do we Choose?

This posting is about Dr. John Brandon also known as Dr. John Williams, who murdered his wife as I watched, then shot me in the head from 12 inches away.

I met John in 2005 and his new bride, Turi Bentley recently divorced and with lots of cash from the legal parting. Both in their sixties and wanting to earn income in the MLM, Isagenix, they were looking for others to join them.

My wife introduced them to me at her Gig Harbor waterfront café, IsaMira. Having a strong nutrition background and wanting to bounce back after the car wreck, losing everything, and almost making my family homeless, I was eager to team with a Naturopathic physician on selling a nutritional cleansing program.

Being monocular with limited vision in the right eye injured in the car crash, I was excited to earn lots of money in nutrition which I had studied for over 25 years.

John’s tendencies or true self began slowly emerging. Having the interface costume of an academic appearing older guy, clear information rich prose, and coming off as warm and charming, he was immediately likable.

OCD behavior became evident as he was the only one to make the bed, wash the dishes, repeated wiping of the same spot on the table, and refusing to enter a store for shopping if he had forgotten the shopping list.

Next came condescending and hateful remarks about Turi when she wasn’t in the room and never allowing her to travel anywhere unless he was present.

Eventually the bouts of explosive rage for no apparent reason escalated until, as Turi confided with me months later, that he had choked her almost causing her to pass out. I suggested she go to the police but she declined, intellectualizing that it was a one time slip up for which she said that he was very sorry it happened.

I did not bring it up but became more uneasy of our relationship for he was more unpredictable.

We were spending everyday together in building the business, so much so that Turi started calling me their adopted son. She said that John only had respect for me and no one else because he knew that I was a real doctor. This became more evident as he more often mumbled how stupid people are, how they had no clue about nutrition, and how they could be easily manipulated.

On that late evening of March 28, 2007, Turi called asking if I could walk over to their home and to once again calm down an out of control enraged, John. Still unclear to this day, it was speculated that Turi found an article online in an Oregon newspaper of a Naturopathic physician fitting John’s description who attempted to murder his longtime girlfriend, Kate Jewel after tying her up and raping her.

When confronted, John left the room and returned with a 357 magnum revolver. He proceeded to tell Turi to get on her knees. As she did, she looked toward me and told me that this was something that John does in order to make him “feel like a man”.

He then shot her.

Not knowing what else to do, I leaned over to her body from the table and felt for a pulse. There was none. She was dead and I just witnessed a murder. I continued to sit there in a state of shock completely at a loss for how to proceed.

John then shot me in the head, destroying what was left of my eyesight by destroying my remaining eye. The feeling of being shot was curiously akin to someone slapping you with an open palm on your forehead.

Because I did not die, I slunk down to the ground and laid there motionless, listening.

John left the room and returned moments later. I than heard another gunshot as he committed suicide and I counted his breathing until it ceased completely at 11 cycles.

Completely blind, and unable to use any phones, I had to wait until morning until I could find my way outside and ask for assistance from someone who would see me while leaving for their morning commute.

I have, since then, tried to make sense of what happened to me. I remind myself of what I have recently learned from Tom Montalk about people being spirited, spiritless, and spirit asleep. He asserts that the spiritless have no Souls, are empty vessels, and exhibit behavior they learned from parents, guardians, or peers. This means that if the parenting was domineering, condescending, child identifying as lesser and worthless, that this would be their primary subconscious programming.

They then can choose to become those beliefs or radically defy the negativity and excel when they were taught that they couldn’t. However, I would say that if spiritless that they perceive the external world and people were made for their taking from for their sole benefit.

What I noticed about John was the definition of Antisocial Personality Disorder, Psychopathy, Sociopathy, Narcissism, Paranoia, Intermittent escalating rage, manipulation, continual lies, awareness and plan for escape, loneliness and frustration, remorseless of harm done to others, and disguised with calm, charm, and inauthentic compassion.

I could feel in him a longing, a yearning, for understanding why he felt empty, and frustrated why he felt, thought, and did what he did. Like Turi and Kate, I was also attracted to his intelligence and charisma for when he decided to turn it on, he was magnetically likable.

I can better understand the abused spouse who continually goes back to the abuser.

They, me included, were hoping for the brief moments of good that shown, to be the all the time behavior. Well, hoping and wishing does not work especially if the person is spiritless. Patrick Herbert as well as Tom Montalk, would interject that during times of self-doubt, anger, jealousy and envy, feeling shame and guilt, or observing it happen to others, that a fertile feeding ground for Archons and Demons opens.

This phenomena with plenty of evidence supporting it, ties into passed along negative energy in Karma, and that without Evil that good cannot exist. This complexity is, I believe, specific to the human animal though Wolves exhibit killing behavior at times for no reason.

Though I began feeling John worsening I also wanted him to be his better self and to enjoy a long and happy marriage with Turi. Tom Montalk and Patrick Herbert speak with authority, experience, and documented research of the workings of the invisible world and that negative forces exist and balance what we understand as good.

A question that will never be answered is if John was treated by his Father with respect, love, encouragement, and honor, if he would then mirror the positive nurturing? Though he won’t feel how it feels to love, care, sympathize, empathize, or have compassion, could he at least mirror the behavior?

The Universe does work mysteriously for the car wreck and bullet to my head didn’t kill me but instead presented to me my calling. My radio talk show, Be The Change, on the Bob Charles, Pyramid One worldwide network, and YouTube show, New Enlightened Lifestyle Medicine with Co-Host, Patrick Herbert, are growing in popularity and audience size.

Contact me at: if you are involved with the spiritless and spirit asleep and fearing violence or catastrophic outcome.

Let me help.

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